Tim Henman Wife Lucy Heald and Family As The Tennis Icon Takes On The Commentator's Box

Tim Henman and his wife Lucy Henman
Tim Henman and his wife Lucy Henman( Source : co )

The former tennis player Tim Henman got married to his wife Lucy Heald in 1999. Having dated one another for a long time, the duo decided that it was the right time for them to be pronounced husband and wife officially. 

He currently has taken the role of the commentator at the US Open this year which has resulted in people admiring his skills as a public speaker. Twitter can't stop praising him. One of the netizens says, "Really enjoying the coverage this year, liking the talk between Greg Rusedski and Tim Henman."

Looking at his personality, it is obvious that people would want to know more about his love and family life.

Meet Tim Henman Wife Lucy Heald And Family

Tom Henman and his wife Lucy Heald have an interesting tale to tell for their coming generations. The romance they've had over the years is worth listening to for sure. 

When Lucy was employed by a TV production company creating a documentary about the aspiring tennis star, Tim and Lucy first met.

Tim explained that the producers brought her in more frequently since they noticed that they were chatting a lot more when she was there. Tim was questioned by Lucy about producing a documentary on his life and work as a part of her job. Three years later, they got married, which was 17 years ago.

When asked about the key to a joyful marriage. He replied in a humorous way; Monday through Friday, he played golf, and she was off riding her horses! They caught up over the weekend.

Now, the couple celebrates their anniversary day on December 11 and still feel like they got together yesterday. 

Lucy works as a TV reporter and producer, and because of her line of work, she has had the chance to interview a lot of famous people. However, now that the couple is not active on Instagram, very little is known about their relationship and their personal details. However, the paparazzi makes sure that even their dates do not remain secret from the public.

Tim Henman Daughter Rose And Olivia Are Teenagers In 2022

Tim and Lucy gave birth to their first child on October 19, 2002. Her full name is Rose Elizabeth Henman, and she is currently 19 years old. They had their second daughter, Olivia Susan Henman, on December 15, 2004. She is 17 years old. 

The two teenagers are definitely on Instagram but have made sure that they are not made public. Similarly, the parents are extra conscious when it comes to their pictures floating on the web. 

Rosie and Olivia were constantly clicked when they were young, but now the frequency has decreased. As they get older, their appearance in the media has also been lesser comparatively. 

When it comes to Tim's other family members, he had tennis in his genes. Among his parents' three sons, he is the youngest. His father was Tony Henman, and his mother was Jane Henman.

His father was an accomplished athlete who practiced law and was knowledgeable in a number of sports, including squash, tennis, and hockey. His mother works as a clothes designer. His mother was a young Wimbledon player, and she introduced tennis to her kid. Similarly, this player's great-grandfather participated in Wimbledon. Henry Billington is the name of his maternal grandfather.

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