Why Is Tim Allen Not The Voice In Lightyear? Chris Evans Replacement In The Recent Spin-off Explained

Lightyear' trailer replaces Tim Allen as voice of Toy Story's Buzz Lightyear
Lightyear' trailer replaces Tim Allen as voice of Toy Story's Buzz Lightyear ( Source : syracuse )

Tim Allen is a famous American actor and comedian who is well known for voicing Buzz Lightyear and has been replaced by Chris Evans.

If you grew up watching the Toy Story movies, you'd recognize Buzz Lightyear's famous catchphrases.

The devotion Disney and Pixar have shown to Toy Story's iconic characters over the past 27 years is part of what makes the film so timeless.

Buzz will not sound exactly the same in "Lightyear," the new prequel. Chris Evans will play the beloved space cadet in place of Tim Allen's iconic voice, a decision that has sent some fans spinning into infinity and beyond.

Why Is Tim Allen Not The Voice In Lightyear?

The producer of Galyn Susman has explained why Tim Allen's not giving voice in Lightyear. 

While Allen voiced the role in all four Toy Story films, he wasn't the right fit this time, according to him. Instead, Chris Evans, the former Captain America, will take over as the spaceman.

He also states that Allen is a little goofier and dumber than the other characters in this role and that he serves as comic relief. Buzz is the action hero in this movie. He's serious, ambitious, and amusing, but not in a way that distracts people from the drama.

Furthermore, Susman told The Hollywood Reporter that Tim is the essence of the toy Buzz, which makes no sense because this isn't the toy world.

Chris Evans Replacement and Spin-off Modifications 

According to MacLane,, Chris Evans was the only choice as he has the gravity and movie-star quality that our character requires to set himself apart from Tim's toy in Toy Story and the film. 

The replacement of Tim Allen as Buzz became a trending topic ahead of the Friday premiere of "Lightyear" after actress Patricia Heaton tweeted that Pixar is "castrating" the character by choosing Evans rather than Allen.

In a recent press conference, film producer Galyn Susman explained. It wasn't like they were making a Toy Story film. They are putting together a film based on Buzz Lightyear. So, first and foremost, it required a distinct individual to play Lightyear, one who was not connected to the toy."

He also added the new character is a little more well-rounded. He must be amusing, but not overly so. And that's why we chose Chris.

Fans' Reaction To Allen's Replacement 

Fans of Toy Story are dissatisfied with Chris Evans' replacement of Tim Allen. They were angry, upset, and confused when the news broke in October.

They argued whether or not Allen should have been cast in this role. Many people believed that watching the film without Allen's voice would be difficult.


Some fans supported the choice to make the film without Allen, either to separate the two characters or because they dislike the actor personally.

To reassure fans, the former Captain America star took to Instagram to explain that his Buzz Lightyear is not the same as Allen's. Evans plays a different function than the genuine space ranger on which Allen's toy version is based.

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