Tiktok Believes Mr Beast Is Dead, What Really Happened To The Youtuber?

Mr. Beast recently hit 100 million subscribers on his YouTube
Mr. Beast recently hit 100 million subscribers on his YouTube( Source : variety )

Since TikTok has been among the most widely downloaded apps worldwide for the previous three years, TikTok has been recognized as the social media platform with the quickest rate of growth.

Every day, new trends and hot discussions flow on the platform hooking netizens on it. This time around, it is the fake death news of YouTuber Chandler Hallow, aka Mr. Beast. Is he really dead or alive? Let's find out what actually happened.

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Tiktok Believes Mr. Beast Is Dead. Did He Really Die?

Mr. Beast is probably one celebrity who has been the victim of death hoaxes more than anyone on the planet. Time and again, these rumors flow on the Internet and evaporate as if nothing happened. In a similar way, last year, there was a TikTok video that had a picture of him reporting that the popular YouTuber had died. The comment section was filled with people literally mourning his death without getting the facts. 

People were saying that they were crying and could not deal with the loss. However, apparently the same video is again resurfacing, and netizens are now commenting on it, saying that it's 2022, a year after the video was posted, and he was still alive. 

As mentioned above, this is not the first time a man has been killed online. There were instances before, just like the biggest celebrities in the world. We all know how many times we heard the fake death news of Michael Jackson before he actually passed away. Hence, even though TikTok believes that Mr. Beast is dead, he is not.

The die-hard fans are asked to be a little bit more reflective and contemplate any piece of news rather than just blindly following them. It is easy to trick people in today's world. We as consumers require to be more mindful of believing the stuff on the Internet. 

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What Happened To Mr. Beast? Dead Or Alive Conspiracy Continues

There was one time when he was on a podcast with Logan Paul. The 23-year-old has explained his near-death experience on the show, which went quite viral then. The clip was edited and circulated on all social media platforms. 

He says that he was on a long drive with two of his friends after a good sleep post 8 hours shoot. While his friend was driving, he randomly said that he wanted to go to a gas station as he was not feeling good. The next thing the other two notice is that the friend has collapsed. The car is moving on its own, and he doesn't wake up even when they've tried very hard. 

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Even though this story was narrated in a funny way, it is horrific even to picture. With stories like this, the most bizarre kinds of hashtags trend on Twitter and TikTok, resulting in death hoaxes and fake news. 

In another story, a crew member working for Mr. beast passed away in an accident. This one got directed to the celebrity himself, and the forge news circulated.  

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