Tiffany Ortiz Net Worth, Wiki, Age (David Ortiz Wife) Bio, Family Facts

Tiffany Ortiz is the wife of one of the most beloved baseball player David Ortiz. There is renewed interest in the life of former player after reports emerged that he was shot in the back by a gunman in his native country Dominican Republic.

The doctors removed David’s gallbladder and part of the intestine and his liver was also damaged. However, the good news is that he is in stable condition and recovering nicely.

Here are few facts on David’s wife Tiffany Ortiz.

Tiffany Ortiz Age

She was born as Tiffany Brick, on the 20th of October 1974 in the city of Kaukauna, Wisconsin. Currently, Ortiz is 45 years of age.

Tiffany Ortiz Family Facts

Born and bred in Wisconsin, Tiffany’s family history are slightly blurry. There is no concerning her parents. However, it can be safely assumed that they were very well to do.

Considering, how they helped Tiffany to achieve a degree in Clinical Psychology from Wooster College, Wisconsin.

Tiffany Ortiz and David Ortiz

Things started between the two when David was in Wisconsin playing with the Seattle Mariners Single-A team. They bonded over their common love for football.

Tiffany took David to watch multiple football games as she was a big fan of the home team Green Bay Packers. Her contagious fandom caught David too and now he is also a big fan of Packs.

The couple tied a knot in mid-2002. They have 2 beautiful children,  Alexandra and D’Angelo. David has another daughter in the Dominican Republic named Jessica.

Their daughter Alex sang the national anthem on her dad’s starting game of his final season. This was a surprise for David, who choked up listening to her daughter sing in front of the Boston crowd.

Tiffany Ortiz Divorce

Tiffany Ortiz and David decided they would get divorced around 2013. It was a difficult year for the Red Sox slugger in his personal life but he kept on performing for his team.

The reasons for were unclear on why the couple who was together for more than 13 years suddenly decided to call it off. They lived separated until the divorce papers went through.

As Passenger said “You only know you love her when you let her go”, David and Tiffany both felt empty without each other. They both tossed their ego aside and did the right thing and gave their relationship one more chance.

They are now happy with each other more than ever. The unfortunate sets of events only re-sparked their love for each other.

Tiffany Ortiz’s Net Worth

Up until recently, Tiffany was stay at home mom caring for her children and didn’t have much of a career. Now as the kids are all grown up, she has begun to work for different non-profits.

However, at this moment, her Net Worth isn’t available.

On the other hand, her husband, the big hitter from Dominican Republic David has net-worth of around $55 million.

Tiffany Ortiz’s Wiki, Bio

Tiffany doesn’t have her own Wikipedia page. She is still one of the most searched player’s wife. There are many news article about her.

Tiffany currently works for UNICEF in the New England region. She is on the Board of Directors of the UNICEF in that region.

She also works on the charity run by her family called David Ortiz Children’s Fund. This organization helps children by providing free pediatric services and other essentials.