The Real Housewives Of Lagos: Who Was Carolyna Hutchings Ex Husband? Her Split Reason With Musa Danjuma Revealed

It looks like people are excited to see Carolyna Hutchings in the new show The Real Housewives of Lagos and are wondering about her ex-husband Musa Danjuma. People are wondering about the reason they separated.

Let's find out about the life of a Nigerian star.

The Real Housewives of Lagos has released in Showmax and has managed to get a mixed reaction from the viewers; however, most of them are positive and people seem to be enjoying seeing their loved successful people on screen.

It looks like the show will be a real conflict zone between the ladies involved. Even in the trailer released a real verbal and somewhat physical confrontation has been seen among the ladies. People seem to be excited to see the fight.

Who Was Carolyna Hutchings Ex Husband?

Carolyna Hutchings ex husband is Musa Danjuma, who has been reported to be a Nigerian billionaire, Musa Danjuma. She also seems to be talking about her marriage in front of the camera about her marriage.

She said that many people are jealous of the fact that she got married to a billionaire. She has always been a controversial personality. She was married to Musa for about ten years.

There is not a clear answer to the reason she got separated from her husband; however, she talked about it and said that both of them are to be blamed for the reason for their separation. Initially, she used to blame herself and felt like a loser.

Nonetheless, she currently has overcome that, and now, she manages to live a positive life. With her ex husband, she has three children, two sons, and a daughter. She lives a lavish life.

Musa Danjuma Net Worth 

There is a lack of accurate numbers to dictate Musa's worth; however, it has been estimated to be more than $1 billion. He has been reported to be one of the Nigerian billionaires. He is head of Nigeria America Line Limited and Comet Shipping Agencies Nigeria Limited.

By education, he is an articulate Lawyer. He has multiple business involvement and is seen as a big public figure in Nigeria. He married his wife Carolyna in 2007 and they decided to separate in 2007.

It has been reported that he has married five times as of now. However, all of his marriages failed. His first wife died because of Kidney disease. The billionaire has not been that successful in his love life. 

It can be expected that a peek into his life will be delivered to the public through the show where his ex wife will talk about various aspects of her life.


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