The Folks Movie Ending Explained and 2022 Summary

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The Folks movie ending reveals Kate's purpose of hiring her patients as Mary family. The Tubi movie stars Davina Reeves and Sasha Makarova.

This psychological horror movie includes lots of twists and turns. After Mary lost her husband, Alexander, his relatives visited her, who she never met before.

However, she was unaware of the danger they bring with them for her son, Tony. After their strange behavior, she learns they are not her spouse's family and is determined to protect her son from this threat.

On the way, she finds the shocking truth about her old friend, who was behind all these incidents.

The movie was directed and written by Alexey Meets alongside Vince Evans. The film was released on October 7, 2022, on Tubi. The Folks received the average review from the critics. 

The Folks Movie Ending Explained

The Folks movie ends when Mary discovers Kate intention to hire two strange people as her family. The show reveals sometimes closest people hurt the most.

After she lost her husband, his mother, Helen, and brother, Mark, joined them. Tony suspects these relatives are dangerous to them from the beginning. But Mary doesn't believe him, which leads to a unsafe environment for them.

When she finally realized the danger, she kills them by setting the barn on fire and is charged with two counts of murder. 

While she is about to lose her son, Victor comes to help and reveals Helen and Mark are not related to her husband, as they passed away ten years ago.

As she knew the doctor found a lot of hallucinations in her blood, she realized Kate was the one who was giving her a drug.

After searching further, she found out Kate was the head nurse at the local psychiatric center. Kate also lost her husband a few years ago and wanted to make him alive by sacrificing Tony.

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In the finale scene, when Mary finds her son being used to bring back Mike on their anniversary day, Kate reveals she wants to be happy with her late husband.

When she knew about Alex's demise, she made a plan immediately. Her herbal tea was supposed to drive Mary insane. Slowly, Mary thought they were her husband's family.

Helen and Mark were her patients, and Kate hired them to pretend to be her family and promised to reward them if they managed to drive Mary insane.

Although Mary thought that she killed her folks, Kate was the one who got rid of them by poisoning them. When Mary passed out, Helen called and told Kate to come over.

When Kate got to the house, she started demanding money and trying to blackmail her. They even tried to kill Tony, which was never part of the plan.

But by dinner time, they already lost, and by the time Mary woke up, the workshop was already on fire.

When Kate asks Mary to give his son to her and perform a ritual to bring Mike back, she shoots her and ends Kate's life. Afterward, she started a new life with Victor and her son Tony.

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However, Tony was staring at Kate's husband Mike's picture, which seems Mike is in Tony's body in the last scene of The Folks movie 2022.

Meet The Cast Of The Folks

The Folks movie cast includes Davina Reeves and Sasha Makarove as the lead. Anastasiya Tsoy and Petar Zakavica are the supporting cast members.

Davina Reeves As Mary

Davina Reeves appeared as Mary in The Folks movie Tubi. She lost her husband, Alex, and his strange family became a threat to her son.

The professional actress Davina Reeves played the role of Mary, who lost her husband, Alexander.
The professional actress Davina Reeves played the role of Mary, who lost her husband, Alexander.( Source : instagram )

Miss New York USA 2010 debuted in the short movie The Muse in 2010. She starred in Cold War, Mister T., and I Never Cry.

Besides The Folks, she starred in In Isolation as a psychologist. Recently, she played a minor role in the TV series Sexify.

The actress thinks acting gives her a mirror of what inner work is yet to be done. She will appear in the upcoming TV mini-series Contamin.

Sasha Makarove As Tony

Sasha Makarova played the role of Tony, Mary's son. When Alex passed away, the folks in his home became a major threat to his life.

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Uganda native began his acting career in Girl Games in 2019. In the following year, the bilingual artist played in Plakat Nelzya and Hero. He will appear in the pre-production show Daddy Punk as Simon.

Anastasiya Tsoy As Kate

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Anastasiya Tsoy starred as Kate, an old friend of Mary. She is a head nurse at the local psychiatric center.

The actress is known for her appearances in Ikariya, Zapovednyy, and Guardians of the Night. Recently, Anastasiya Tsoy acted in Zoloto and Bezsonov.

She will appear as Makharadzha in the upcoming 2023 TV series Uroven Ugrozy.

Additional Cast Members

  • Jean-Marc Birkholz as Alexander
  • Paxton Kubitz as Tony
  • Gen Seto as Doctor Key
  • Eva Linder as Helen
  • Kanu Chinazam as Security
  • Valeriya Melnik as Nurse
  • Lukian Myasnikov as Tony's friend Jack
  • Evgeny Bulka as Victor's Friend
  • Anton Naumov as Mark
  • Petar Zakavica as Victor

Where To Watch The Folks 2022 Movie?

You can watch The Folks 2022 movie in Tubi for free. You can rent or purchase the film on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, and Vudu.

Meanwhile, you can watch The Folks trailer on the Youtube channel of production companies MI Worldwide.

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