The Final Say Movie 2023 Cast and Bet Plus Review

BET Plus The Final Say a new Christian Gospel movie.
BET Plus The Final Say a new Christian Gospel movie. ( Source : instagram )

The Final Say movie 2023 cast consists of Deborah Joy Winans, Timon Kyle Durrett and Tiffany Snow. The movie is available on BET Plus.

This romantic movie is about the struggle between a married couple Valerie and Vaughn, who were trying to have a baby of their own.

But in the aftermath of infertility and false pregnancies, the couple goes their separate ways to deal with their undermined emotions. 

This beautiful romantic movie The Final Say was directed by Christopher Nolen, and the scripts for the movie were from LaJill Hunt. 

The movie premiered on May 4, 2023, on the BET Plus channel. 

Meet The Cast Of The Final Say Movie

The Final Say BET Plus cast includes Deborah Joy Winans, Timon Kyle Durrett, Tiffany Snow and Jared Wofford as the main leads. 

Deborah Joy Winans As Valerie

Deborah plays the role of Valerie in the movie. Valerie is married to Vaughn and tries to conceive a baby but is unsuccessful. This has created a mental trauma for Valerie, who wants to enjoy motherhood. 

Deborah is the member of the musical family of Winans.
Deborah is the member of the musical family of Winans. ( Source : instagram )

Deborah Joy Winans is an American actress and singer born on September 6, 1983. Not only that, but she is also a member of the musical family called the Winans family.

She was born in Detroit, Michigan, to her parents, Carvin and Deborah Kerr Winans. She completed her BFA degree from Wayne State University and her MFA from California Institute of the Arts. She is currently married to Terrence Williams.

The actress started her acting career with the movie Fragile World in a small role. Her other movie credits include Whitney, Last Words, Color of Love, Hello and A Sisterly Christmas. 

Timon Kyle Durret As Vaughn

Timon plays the role of Vaughn. Vaughn and Valerie have been attempting to have a baby of their own. But with all setbacks from the loss and infertility, both the pair are tired and waiting for a miracle from the higher power. 

Actor Timon on the red carpet of Disney's Cheaper By The Dozen premiere.
Actor Timon on the red carpet of Disney's Cheaper By The Dozen premiere.( Source : instagram )

The actor Timon Kyle Durret is an American actor who was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. The actor was born on July 12, 1972, and is also a producer, activist and author.

Durret had five brothers and two sisters as his siblings. He graduated high school from Fenger Academy High School and an undergraduate from Alcorn State University with a B.A. in Communications in 1998.

The actor started his acting with a movie called Deep Passion in 1999. Since then, he has worked on different movies and series such as Girlfriends, Like Mike, The Young and the Restless, and Heroes. 

Tiffany Snow As Lindsey

Tiffany plays the role of Lindsey in the movie. Lindsey is a friend or a close sister of Valerie who is there to support her and guide her in times of doubt about herself and her relationship with her husband. 

The actress is the two time winner of NAACP award.
The actress is the two time winner of NAACP award. ( Source : instagram )

Tiffany Snow is a native of Chicago and currently resides in Los Angeles. She is currently pursuing her dream of performing on the big silver screen.

The actress has been awarded two times with the NACCP theater awards. The actress is also active in national and international commercial campaigns and has worked as an education coordinator for the Get Lit organization. 

The actress started out acting in 2009 with a movie called The Discipline. Since then, she has acted in movies and series such as Dragon Fruit, How Men Become Dogs and Daddy's Day. 

Jared Wofford As Jordan

Jared plays the role of Jordan as his character. In the movie, Jordan is seen together with Latrice riding a plane together. The pair is not much shown in the movie trailer. 

Jared is a yoga instructor and personal fitness trainer.
Jared is a yoga instructor and personal fitness trainer. ( Source : instagram )

Jared Wofford is an American actor, athlete, master personal fitness trainer, model and producer from Naperville, Illinois, USA.

The actor graduated high school from Waubonsie Valley High School and later earned Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Florida A&M University. The actor is also a yoga instructor and travels around the globe. 

Jared started acting in 2004 but was officially got on track from the series My Brother's Keeper: A Drama Series.

Since then, he has worked in movies and series such as The Trouble with Going Somewhere, For the Love of Ruth, The Rub, The Quad, Startup, Queen America and Under the Influence

Other Cast Members 

  • Tyler Abron as Latrice,
  • Peter Parros as Pastor Jerry,
  • Javon Johnson as Ephraim, 
  • Corin Clay as Charysse, 
  • Thea Camara as Rhonda, 
  • Sherrice Eaglin as Lady Rebecca, 
  • Jaci Williamson as Zoe and 
  • Jenean Coleman as Maya

The Final Say Movie Review

The Final Say BET Plus movie talks about a Christian couple trying to get pregnant and have their own child in their arms to play with.

But they are not able to get that happiness of parenthood. The wife, Valerie is very frustrated about it that she is losing herself. 

Vaughn is there to support his wife in this time of dark times in the couple's moments. As a believer of Christ, they are both praying for a miracle to happen, but they have not received any sign of final order from heaven's all-mighty. 

Valerie and Vaughn in each other's embrace in an emotional moment.
Valerie and Vaughn in each other's embrace in an emotional moment.( Source : instagram )

But the hard times also allow them to understand who they are and their faith in God which had started to wane slowly. But they continue to clutch on to the small faith they have in God and are finally saved by his timely gift and miracle.

The movie has garnered good responses from the viewers. On Twitter, many have expressed their views regarding how good the movie is. Many felt that movie was good, and many viewers liked the movie. 

Similarly, on YouTube, the comments about the movies are similar to Twitter comments. Most of the commentators wrote that the movie was very good and the actors did an amazing job. 

How To Watch The Final Say?

The Final Say BET Plus movie premiered in 2023 can be watched on its respective channel after paying a certain amount fee. 

You can subscribe to BET Plus by paying the monthly subscription of $9.99 only. The fee also includes applicable tax on a monthly basis. But you only need to pay a total of $94.99 per year with applicable tax if you pay a yearly subscription. 

This way you will also save 20% cost from the overall cost if you subscribe to the plan. If you pay on a monthly basis you pay a total of $119.88 but with a yearly subscription, you save up to $24.89 on a yearly basis. 

BET Plus not only contains a collection of movies, dramas, sitcoms and specials. Along with the channel has its own collection of new and original movies stacked in its library content every month for viewers to watch. 

The channel also has more than 1,000 hours of premium as-free content and more than 1,500 episodes from nearly 100 shows. 

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