What Was Tevin Hill From Florida Arrested For? Petition Started To Supported The Incarcerated Man

Another African-American guy has had his civil rights violated by the police.
Another African-American guy has had his civil rights violated by the police.( Source : twitter )

Another African-American guy has had his civil rights violated by the police. Tevin Hill has been detained for 1,757 days, and a trial date is not in the cards.

Tevin Hill, who seems to be 50 years old, has been detained, and his friend Janecia Hill has verified this. As a result, word of his arrest has spread over the internet.

People are interested in learning the details of his arrest and accusation. Tevin Hill, a Florida native who appears to be a parent, but also a really innocent guy.

Aside from this, human rights violations and several other cases of fatalities have been on the rise recently, diminishing mankind. People are turning into psychopaths that don't even care about suffering or other emotions.

What Was Tevin Hill From Florida Arrested For?

Tevin Hill, a young parent or a loving spouse who appears to be in his 50s, was detained when his friend Janecia Hill complained that the Dougherty County Police Department wasn't doing enough to enforce the law.

As a result, a demonstration has been organized to demand justice for Tevin Hill's release on bond. Tevin Hill has been detained for 1,757 days with NO TRIAL DATE in sight, according to his acquaintance.

Additionally, we trust that the authorities would favor justice. The precise cause of the arrest, however, hasn't been made public to any of the major media outlets yet.

This information has not yet been made publically available online. The public has only been informed of this news by a small number of news sources.

Even when an arrest is made in error, justice will still be served to the victim and the genuine perpetrator.

Tevin Hill was detained for a crime of which he is innocent, and sadly, the Dougherty County Police Department's lack of enforcement efforts has resulted in the crime's ongoing unsolvedness.

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Tevin Hill Sentence Details And Petition 

As per the Source My brother Tevin Hill is one of hundreds, if not thousands, of men and women around the nation who have been detained and had their human rights violated, according to Janecia Hill, who initiated this petition.

From law enforcement through judicial action, there is a HUGE unfairness on both sides. There is just no justification for why a case should take this long to reach trial.

The Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, which was enacted in 1868, outlines a requirement on all states under the law. respect for the law. n. a basic rule of justice in all judicial proceedings, including civil and criminal one.

Especially in the courts. To avoid unfair or disparate treatment of any individual, all legal processes outlined by legislation and court practice, including notification of rights, must be followed.

In processing, scheduling, and generally upholding due process of law in this case, there has been tremendous prejudice in favor of the justice department.

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Tevin Hill Family Background

Tevin Hill is needed by his three young children. He also enjoys the blessing of a devoted and encouraging wife. It is now time for us to USE OUR VOICES since his family has been patient and more than fair in letting the law to do its job.

Tevin is wasting away in a detention cell, and I can't just watch. One of his close friends also shared the petition for justice on his behalf.

On the counsel of a lawyer, Tevin probably relinquished his rights at the arraignment. If not, he would have been tried after 90 days.

Almost all lawyers agree that 90 days is not enough time to adequately prepare for a trial. Trials sometimes begin two to three years following arraignment because people frequently relinquish their right to a prompt trial.

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