Tattle Life: Sophia And Cinzia's New Boyfriends Revealed- Meet Max Dobson & Aaron Charles

Sophia and Cinzia, the well-known fashion influencer and digital star, are rumored to have new boyfriends in 2022. Let us dive deep into the tattle life of the social media star and explore their relationship status.

Sophia Bayliszulio is a fashion and lifestyle influencer with thousands of followers. The digital star runs a successful YouTube Channel alongside her best friend, Sophia Tuxford.

The digital content creator is often surfaced on controversies in the media for their Tattle lifestyle. Their YouTube channel focuses on Travel and lifestyle day vlogs, girly chats, and eat with us videos.

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Sophia And Cinzia New Boyfriends: A Look At Their Life Filled With Drama And Tattle 

As fashion icons and the epitome of beauty, Sophia and Cinzia are often questioned about their love life. Viewers want to know what kind of boys do these fashion models go for.

Although the friendly duo wants to be in the limelight of media, they don't want to reveal their love interest on the internet. Being a celebrity in their personal life is the biggest interest of common people.

Several fans have spotted subtle clues about Sophia and Cinzia's new boyfriends. However, the fashion models have not confirmed any sources of having new boyfriends.

But they are secretly dating Max Dobson and Aaron Charles after a swift examination of their social media.

Max Dobson And Aaron Charles: Detailed Information About the Boyfriends Of Fashion Model 

Although, the fashion duo has not officially announced their boyfriends online. But some of the eagle-eyed fans gather information about their boyfriend, named Max Dobson And Aaron Charles.

Sophie is believed to be dating Max Dobson. Sophie posted a picture of her on Instagram where she was all alone on the picture, but the caption was "Date Night."

A fan commented that Max was the one who took the pictures, and he is the professional photographer for her. Sophie replied with a laughing emoji followed by a hearty one.

While Cinzia is presently dating Aaron Charles, she has posted an intimate picture of them together. However, the face of her boyfriend was half-covered by a cap.

Besides this, there is little to no information about the fashion model's boyfriend on the internet.

Meet Sophia And Cinzia On Instagram

Sophia and Cinzia are fascinating names on social media with their beauty and fashion sense.

The fashion duo's charming personality can be explored on Instagram with the username @sophiatuxford and @cinziabayliszullo.

Both creators are verified and love to share the sneak-peek to their life with more than 1.5K posts on their wall.

Sophia and Cinzia are inching to 500K followers and are only 70K and 2K away from the milestone, respectively.

The Instagram wall of the fashion models is as intimating as it can get. They love to post aesthetic pictures with fun-filled captions.

On the other hand, they use their social media engagement to promote different brands online.

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