Bike Boss Tarek Zahed Arrested Over Murder Involvement, Here Are The Details

Tarek Zahed is 41 years old.
Tarek Zahed is 41 years old.( Source : com )

Police have arrested Tarek Zahed, who survived an attempted murder in May in Sydney's eastern suburbs.

The Comancheros' sergeant-at-arms, who was shot many times during an attempted assassination that killed his younger brother, had been seen in public for the first time since the incident on August 22. 

Tarek Zahed Arrested Over Murder Involvement

Tarek Zahed is a well-known Australian Brutal Comanchero Boss, criminal, and Kingpin. On multiple occasions, he has persisted in engaging in criminal offenses, assaults, fights, street fights, and other illegal behavior.

He was shot by unidentified assailants despite numerous stern warnings from police that he was a hitman's target because he refused to halt and provide his whereabouts.

According to recent news reports, he was detained for his alleged involvement in a gangland murder in 2014. Tarek Zahed, the national sergeant-at-arms, was taken into custody on Sunday night, only three months after being shot ten times in a gangland hit.

At a gym in western Sydney, Zahed and his brother Omar were both shot, but Zahed miraculously lived while Omar died on the spot. The "Balenciaga Bikie" was shot in the head and torso, including one that went straight through his eyeball. He was taken into surgery while still in serious condition and rushed to the hospital. During the shooting, his 39-year-old brother Omar died.

Last Sunday, Comanchero national president Allan Meehan shared a selfie at a Melbourne restaurant with the underworld figure and two other colleagues, who were all wearing fancy attire and jewelry.

The Instagram picture's caption was written by Meehan where he called his Tarek "hard2kill" Zahed and welcomed him back. In May, Zahed miraculously survived an attempted murder at the Bodyfit Gym in Sydney's Auburn, where more than 20 bullets were fired.

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Tarek Zahed, Bikie Boss Charges Explained

Despite being accused of violating crime prevention orders, bullet-riddled biker Tarek Zahed has pledged to fight the accusations from his hospital bed.

Tarek Zahed was found guilty in 1995 of assault resulting in actual bodily harm, resisting arrest, and assault on law enforcement. Police charged Zahed after six years, when he employed a dog to attack someone. He was periodically detained for eight months.

In 2004, he stomped on a man's skull after a narcotics dispute and was sentenced to five years in prison. The victim had a brain injury. After four years, Zahed joins the Comanchero biker group as a hangout.

Further, in 2011, several individuals were stabbed, and Zahed's colleague shot at them with a nail gun before the Balenciaga Bikie fired four shots from a moving car, striking a man in the shoulder and ear.

Finally, in 2022, he was arrested and accused of violating a major crime prevention order twice.

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Tarek Zahed's Partner Wife

He was a man who himself was hiding from the people, so the information regarding his close ones is obviously kept private. It has been reported that Zahed's wife was his partner in everything he did, but it cannot be confirmed. 

Tarek Zahed
Tarek Zahed ( Source : socialtelecast )

Similarly, Twitter and other social media platforms are curious knows about his love life, which has not been mentioned anywhere.

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