Here Is Why Tarek and Christina Switched Contractors Amid Their Messy Divorce

Christina and Tarek are professionally linked with each other despite calling their marriage quit
Christina and Tarek are professionally linked with each other despite calling their marriage quit( Source : distractify )

Tarek and Christina switched contractors after Christina was involved in a relationship with Gary Anderson. Tarek and Christina co-hosted Flip or Flop for 10 years.

From 2009 until 2016, Tarek El Moussa and Christina Hall were married and co-hosted the show Flip or Flop for ten seasons. For the past nine years, their relationship has been depicted on television.

Fans first met the duo when their HGTV show Flip or Flop premiered in 2013. They were married with a kid and welcomed their second child two years later.

However, they announced their divorce in 2016. The ex-couples continued to film their program together before revealing the series' cancellation in 2022.

Since their divorce was finalized in 2018, they married a new partner. Moussa married Selling Sunset's Heather Rae Young in 2021, while Christina married Joshua Hall (Before marrying Joshua, Hall married Ant Anstead from 2018 to 2020, when they had one kid together).

Why Did Tarek and Christina Switch Contractors?

Tarek and Christina switched their contractors after Christina was rumored to be romantically involved with her contractor Gary Anderson.

Tarek was first rumored to have a romantic connection with their contractor Izzy Battres. However, this proved to be a hoax. Later, Christina admitted to being in a relationship with another contractor, Gary Anderson, after Izzy departed the program.

Because of all of these complications and their love involvement with contractors, the couple switched contractors. Despite this, Christina and Gary chose to call their quits due to "too many outside demands."

Her spokesman confirmed to the New York Daily News that she is once again single. She is using this time to devote herself to her children and herself.

But after their divorce was finalized, both tied the knot with their respective partner. Now, both of them seem to be happy in their life.

Tarek and His Contractor Izzy Battres

Izzy Battres met Flip or Flop host Tarek when he engaged him to help with a larger-scale house restoration project. In 2013, the contractor and owner of a building firm appeared on the renowned HGTV reality show.

Battres also captivated fans with his never-ending stream of intelligent thoughts and engaging demeanor throughout his time on the show. He was the contractor who assisted program hosts Christina and Tarek with almost every renovation job.

The couple shared a good relationship with Izzy.

Contractor Izzy Battres Left 'Flip or Flop' and was offered for new show Christina on The Coast
Contractor Izzy Battres Left 'Flip or Flop' and was offered for new show Christina on The Coast( Source : distractify )

Similarly, he also won fans' hearts with his excellent work ethic and razor-sharp observations. He also enjoyed working with Tarek and Christina.

Despite having a good relationship, Izzy left the show leaving fans confused. The rumors surrounding Tarek and Christina's divorce affected his choice, as stated in a prior interview with House Beautiful. 

For a time, Izzy faced false charges about his romantic relationship with Christina and the alleged role he played in her breakup with Derek. Izzy was offered a position on Christina's new show, Christina on The Coast.

Christina's Relationship With Contractor Gary Anderson

While Christina shared a romantic relationship with their contractor Gary. Tarek shared a professional connection with him.

According to Hollywood Gossip, Tarek discovered Christina texting inappropriately with Tarek, who had previously worked for the couple. 

Christina and Gary publicly linked arms a few months after the spectacle. Christina and Gary are entirely in sync, according to a snapshot released by In Touch.

Christina and Gary were spotted together when they were dating each other
Christina and Gary were spotted together when they were dating each other( Source : usmagazine )

Tarek reportedly had a history of belittling his wife in public and chastising her on set, according to The Hollywood Gossip, so it's no surprise Christina wanted out.

Tarek found comedy in humiliating his wife through frequent verbal assaults, one source claimed, adding that because this dynamic was so regular, the staff and producers rapidly learned to ignore it.

Though we'll never know whether Tarek or Christina stepped out on their marriage and what prompted the couple to divorce, HGTV viewers can rest confident that they'll see the Flip or Flop co-hosts again when the show returns for Season 8 later this year.

"We've been working together for 12 years," Christina remarked, stressing that their on-set interaction will continue as usual. "We concentrate on the task; when we communicate, it's about the kids. Don't miss the return of Flip or Flop this fall."

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