'Destination Fear'Tanner Wiseman Is Back and Still Has That Hat On His Head But Why?

If Tanner Wiseman really wanted to comment on Destination Fear, he claimed, he would
If Tanner Wiseman really wanted to comment on Destination Fear, he claimed, he would( Source : instagram )

Tanner Wiseman wears hats regularly, and fans are concerned if he is Ill. In Destination Fear, he seems to be bald.

Further, he seems like he loves the bald style. Some fans are worried if he is suffering from Alopecia areata. Tanner is a rising actor best known for the Canadian paranormal television series Destination Fear. He recently provided an update on the TV series Trial to Terror's premiere as well.

Also, the actor has always attracted a large following, and his hair loss has become a curiosity to all. In all of his appearances and photos, he always wore a hat.

Tanner Wiseman Hair Loss Is Evident In Destination Fear

Tanner Wiseman has a bald appearance in the series' new season. His new appearance looked wonderful, and many of his followers adored it. The Travel Channel series Destination Fear new Season premiered on November 25, 2022.

Dakota Laden, Chelsea Laden, and Alex Schroeder represent the remaining cast members of Destination Fear. Tanner and Chelsea from the tv series Destination Fear have a keen interest in paranormal research.

via Instagram, Tanner Wiseman shared a Destination Fear poster
via Instagram, Tanner Wiseman shared a Destination Fear poster ( Source : instagram )

In Chelsea's case, she enjoys both the excitement of discovering frightening locations and knowing more about the stories surrounding them.

Similarly, his hair loss was noticed throughout the series' new season. Till the very end, he has never taken off his hat. Then, supporters begin to be concerned and love him simultaneously over his appearance. He was concerned about whether he was ill and glad his acting abilities impressed many viewers.

Does Tanner Wiseman Have Illness? His Mysterious Hat

These are some questions regarding Tanner Wiseman's health issues. Netizens are curious as to why he always wore a cap or woolen cap to protect his head.

There are rumors flying that he has alopecia areata, a condition in which the body's immune system assaults the hair follicles, leading to hair loss.

It is reasonable to assume that he is ill, seeing that several celebrities, like Dakota Laden, Chelsea Laden, and Alex Schroeder, who appeared with him in the television series Destination Fear, have publicly revealed their hair. Wiseman is the only actor to have worn a hat throughout the entire production.

A cast shot from
A cast shot from "Destination Fear" was posted online by Tanner Wiseman ( Source : instagram )

However, there are no references to his health issues on the internet. According to reports, he has not yet experienced any illnesses. The woolen cap could be a display of fashion.

He must be healthy for the time being because he is involved in his current projects and social media. He seems wonderful and has so far made appearances in numerous television programs.

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