Tak Chipangura On Love Island Australia Is A Security Guard and An Influencer

Tak Chipangura won the Couples day sports challenge alongside Maddy
Tak Chipangura won the Couples day sports challenge alongside Maddy( Source : instagram )

Tak Chipangura is a contestant in the Australian reality dating show Love Island. Chipangura is a security guard, TikTok influencer, and reality television personality from Brisbane.

Chipangura moved from Zimbabwe as a young boy with his parents, where he developed a career on a different platform. Later he moved from AFL player to helicopter pilot to rapper.

Now, the Security Guard has participated in Love Island Australia. Love Island Australia season 4 is back in Mallorca, Spain. The show had hosted by Sophie Monk, where they can meet Islanders for a summer of love, drama, romance, and dates.

The new season featured Deli Worker, HR Advisor, Fashion Student, Bank Worker, dancer, Real Estate Agent, and more. The series premiered on October 31, 2022, on the Nine Network and 9Now.

Some Quick Facts

NameTak Chipangura
Birth Year1999
Zodiac SignVigro
OccupationSecurity Guard, Rapper
Known forLove Island Australia
ResidenceBrisbane, QLD

Tak Chipangura is a contestant in Love Island Australia season 4
Tak Chipangura is a contestant in Love Island Australia season 4( Source : instagram )

Tak Chipangura From Love Island Australia

Tak Chipangura is one of the crew members of Love Island Australia 2022, where a group of single men and women lived together in a villa for a few weeks. They faced various challenges, tried to find love, and later won the grand prize, and the season aired on 9Now. 

Chipangura stars alongside Phoebe H, Maddy, Model Vakoo, Phoebe Spiller, Jessica Losurdo, Layla John, Holly Oaks-Ferguson, Claudia Bonifazio, Stella Hutcheon, Al Perkins, Ben, Callum Hole, Andre Countinho, Austen Bugeja, Mitchell Eliot, Conor Howard, and Jordan Dowsett. 

Chipangura had placed runner-up with The Boys in the first week of the Red-Flag challenge. In the second week, day 7, he became the winner with The Boys in Poles Apart. On Couples Sports day, the rapper won with HR Advisor Maddy. 

Tak Chipangura with HR advisor Maddy
Tak Chipangura with HR advisor Maddy( Source : instagram )

According to Tak, he has an open mind and attracts hurdles. Besides Love Island, the security guard applied for The Voice in 2017. He did some live auditions and ended the competition. 

Chipangura doesn't like loud eating, long nails, and makeup. The security guard even shared his dating experience when he went out for dinner. He noticed the relationship would not work and ran from the date after 20 minutes.  

Chipangura loves to go to the gym. His friends were excited about his opportunity in the show, and even they encouraged him to the path. 

Facts To Know About Tak Chipangura

  1. Chipangura is currently 23 years old. He was born in 1999 in Zimbabwe, in the Southern part of Africa. On September 19, 2021, he had spotted holding hands with a girl, and his friend commented it was that birthday drip. The rapper may celebrate his birthday in September, so his astrological sign may be  Virgo.
  2. Chipangura moved to Australia alongside his parents when he was a boy. He grew up in Wagga Wagga. His parents emigrated to Australia for job opportunities. They made their way up in the hospital and became nurses. 
  3. Chipangura was the champion footballer in Wagga Wagga. Even the rapper had been selected for the Brisbane Lions and Greater Western Sydney for youth AFL games. However, he gave up on his game after being uninterested in sports. 
  4. Chipangura realized the pilot job was not suitable for him after he studied for the Australian Army to be a helicopter pilot. Nonetheless, he directed music and even performed under Bravo 2 Real. 
  5. Chipangura is active on Instagram under the username @thelifeoftak and gathered 7493 followers. The artist mostly shared his post with his friend Kody Jay, HEFS, and HUGOHDLN.
  6. Chipangura is currently a single and entered the 4th series of Love Island Australia to find true love. He is single in the villa and searching for the perfect partner in the Spanish Mansion. 

Tak Chipangura with all the male contestants on Love Island Australia season 4
Tak Chipangura with all the male contestants on Love Island Australia season 4( Source : instagram )

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