Streamer Swimstrim Drama On Twitter And Reddit, What Did The Legends of Runeterra Pro Do?

Swimstrim, the legend of Runeterra player has been accused by his Ex-Girlfriend that she was sexually and emotionally abused by Swimstrim. Here's everything about Swimstrim's drama on Twitter.

Swim strim is a popular streamer and player. 

He is one of the pro players of Legends of Runeterra and has been accused of sexual and emotional abuse. 

Another streamer has accused Swim, a Legends of Runeterra pro player and streamer, of s*xual and emotional assault.

Swimstrim Drama On Twitter And Reddit: Ex-Girlfriend Amwe Allegations Explained

Another streamer accused the LoR pro-Swimstrim, who is signed with the Evil Geniuses esports organization, in a 43-page Google document.

She was allegedly s*xually and emotionally abused on numerous occasions, according to the accusation.

Ex-girlfriend and LoR streamer Amwe "baemwe" has accused Swim of s*xual assault.

Baemwe claims that the Evil Geniuses member had a history of s*xual abuse, gaslighting, and drug abuse in the document.

Not long before the allegations were made public, Swim started a Twitter thread.

He admits that he isn't perfect and that he hasn't always been a good boyfriend in the thread. He, on the other hand, denied ever being abusive.

He continued by apologizing for "not being a better friend" and claiming that he is unaware of the full extent of the situation.

He also requested that fans refrain from harassing anyone involved.

Finally, he admits to wrongdoing but states that he has no plans to address the situation again.

In the aftermath of the original document, more allegations against the streamer have surfaced.

The situation has been brought to the attention of the Evil Geniuses organization, but no comment has been made at this time.

Swimstrim Real Name & Wikipedia

Swimstrim has yet to reveal his real name, but it seems that he likes to be called Swim. 

It is his official name on Twitter and on his twitch account. 

Swim has been on social media for a very long time and the streamer has more than 25k followers. 

Swim's twitch account has more than 169k followers. 

Meet Swimstrim On Instagram

Swimstrim doesn't seem to have an Instagram account. 

He does have a Twitter account and a twitch account which he uses to stream. 

His streams on the twitch have given him a huge fans base and which is now in support of Swim while he is stuck in the allegations by his ex-girlfriend. 

Users on Twitter reacted to the shocking allegations against the Swim, and some were supportive and some were accusing him of the allegations. 

Many fans were disappointed with the LoR pro, who chastised him for ostensibly trying to get ahead of the story while refusing to apologize.

Fans also chastised him for downplaying the allegations while denying any serious wrongdoing.

Since the allegations were made public, the LoR streamer has remained silent.

While it is unclear what consequences may arise as a result of the news, the streamer's reputation has taken a hit.

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