From Boring Holiday To An Adventure: Here Are All The Superstore Christmas Episodes

Superstore is a NBC original show that has been running for a long time.
Superstore is a NBC original show that has been running for a long time.( Source : youtube )

This Christmas season we will love to go back and remember all the great Christmas episodes that Superstore ever put out. Everyone will enjoy watching the hilarious workplace comedy Superstore, especially those who have experience working in customer service. The show does a good job of making this tedious task seem pleasant while yet managing to be painfully precise.

From 2015 until 2021, Justin Spitzer's program aired for six seasons. Although some seasons are better than others, the show is still worth watching. There is never a dull moment with Superstore. Each episode is full of new twists and original jokes that will make you laugh wholeheartedly. Th e show has been running for a long time and they have put out a decent amount of episodes and seasons. However, for this Christmas, we are narrowing down some of the best Christmas episodes of Superstore that we could binge-watch again. 

Ranking All The Superstore Christmas Episodes

There are many episodes that are fan favorites, but some Christmas episodes really bring out the festive season in us. Some of the best Christmas episodes from Superstore are:

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is the seventh episode of season three of Superstore. The plot of the episode revolves around Dina and Glenn. Glenn attempts to pass off a completed nativity scene as a "winter barn exhibit," but Dina catches him in the act. Dina kicks the wise men to force Glenn to reveal the truth, but when she takes up Baby Jesus, Glenn embraces him in terror and reveals the display's actual purpose.

The scene is from the episode
The scene is from the episode "Christmas Eve" where the store is decorated with Christmas lights.( Source : imdb )

Mateo says that Christmas is over-hyped as the workers assist Glenn with hanging Christmas lights, which disgusts Glenn. According to Glenn, the purpose of Christmas is to reflect on the last year's happenings, which causes the employees to reflect on all the negative things that have transpired. Everyone laughs as Amy brings up her divorce and her intention to be wilder in the next year. 

Dina criticizes an elderly charity worker with a reindeer who is standing too near to the door and ringing his bell outside the store in the freezing weather. Mateo declines Glenn's offer to take him to the store's hot cocoa station to get Mateo in the holiday spirit.

Christmas Eve at the business becomes exciting, but all thanks to Amy. Glenn tries to convince Mateo that Christmas is more than just fine as Jonah and Garrett's problems with their roommates come to a head.

Merry Christmas Matteo

Another hit Christmas episode that Superstore presents to us is called Merry Christmas Matteo. The episode revolves around Glenn. Glenn's in-laws are visiting, and Dina's goldfinch is in hospice, so Glenn has to give away their seats at the Cloud 9 management conference.

One of the scenes from Christmas Eve which shows Glenn and Mateo sharing a moment.
One of the scenes from Christmas Eve which shows Glenn and Mateo sharing a moment.( Source : tracking-board )

Naturally, Jonah and Amy, who just made headlines, are his first option since he believes they would have a pleasant overnight vacation together. However, it appears that no one bothered to read the tickets because it is apparent that they are not transferable.

Before they can leave, Jeff manages to catch them and uses his influence to get them into the conference. Jonah and Amy find the Summit to be much more exciting than they anticipated once they're inside. Amy is then surrounded by fresh food, ample quantities of drink, bright lights, and loud music.

The episode gets in the Christmas feel as it progresses. The episode is very entertaining to watch, and there is a lot going on. It is definitely one of the most delightful Christmas episodes of the show.

Sandra's Christmas Miracle

Another great Christmas episode is Sandra's Christmas Miracle. The episode is full of warmth and entertainment. Even though the episode is not over the top, the episode is still funny and a good watch.

One of the scenes shows Kelly dressed up as an Elf on Christmas.
One of the scenes shows Kelly dressed up as an Elf on Christmas.( Source : youtube )

The episode follows with a miracle of Christmas lights within the store that leaves everyone in awe and feeling the holidays. Bright lights and good energy can sum up the whole episode in a nutshell. Everyone enjoys a drink and enjoys bonding time with one another within the store.

The episode sets off a great Christmas mood among everyone and can be one the most entertaining episodes of Superstore.

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