Is Supercell A Sequel To Twister? Supercell Ending Explained

Supercell movie is released on theater and video on demand in March 17
Supercell movie is released on theater and video on demand in March 17( Source : twitter )

No, Supercell is not a sequel to Twister released in 1996. Supercell is a disaster action film directed by Herbert James.

The movie tells the story of the character William Brody who is the son of the legendary storm chaser Bill Brody.

It resembles the story of older movies like Twister and Deep Impact which were also natural disaster movies that had a thrilling Impact on their viewers.

A lot of heartfelt moments in this natural disaster movie have exceeded the possible expectations of the viewers.

The movie was released on March 17, 2023, in the theaters and video on demand by Saban Films.

Is Supercell A Sequel To Twister?

No, Supercell is not a sequel to Twister. The two movies are only related because both of them are natural disaster movies.

As both movies are about storm chasers, viewers might get confused about it being a new edition of the 1996 movie. 

However, the plot in the movies is totally different. In the movie Twister, the movie's main characters Bill and Jo Harding are about to get divorced but had to join forces to create an advanced weather alert system.

The movie shows the thunderstorm that happened in 1969 in Oklahoma County. The disaster that happened was one of the strongest known to date.

Whereas, the new movie Supercell has another twist to the natural disaster plot commonly seen in such movies.

The demised actor Anne Heche as Dr. Quinn Brody in the natural disaster movie
The demised actor Anne Heche as Dr. Quinn Brody in the natural disaster movie( Source : imdb )

The movie starts in a stereotypical fashion with the father of the main character passing away in a giant supercell. 

It revolves around the son following the demised father's footsteps and wanting to research the disaster.

Moreover, both movies, while not a sequel to one another, surely plays with the viewer's anxiety and definitely play off their fears.

The star of the movie Anne Heche has passed away and it had been her last film. She played the character of the wife who lost her husband while storm-chasing.

It's a beautiful movie that investigates the human factor and provides us with a glimpse of one of nature's wonders. 

While we wait for William to enter the heart of the storm and see the supercell as his father had imagined it, there is a sense of unfinishedness. We all understand, though, that it is impossible to enter a storm.

Hence, William's flight from the storm represents the unfinishedness we experience in real life. Storms are out of our hands, and all we can do is stand in awe of their force and reverence for Mother Nature.

Twister Sequel Release Date

Twister sequel release date has been announced to be in July 2024. The sequel is about to be released 27 years after the original.

The sequel is going to be directed by Lee Issac Chung and the screenplay is being written by Mark L. Smith.

Who is going to be the cast has not been released yet but it is sure that it will exceed the expectation of the viewers.

The new movie is set to be called Twister but Universal Pictures has not released any plot details.

The original 1996 film starring Helen Hunt, Bill Paxton, Cary Elwes, and Philip Seymor Hoffman as tornado-chasing scientists earned nearly $500 million at the global box office.

Sequel of the famous natural disaster movie Twister is going to be released on July 2024
Sequel of the famous natural disaster movie Twister is going to be released on July 2024( Source : twitter )

The sequel of the movie will be released on the big screen alongside Paramount Transformers: A New Generation and one week ahead of Marvel's Thunderbolts.

Fans are wondering if the film will be related to its previous version. Universal Pictures have described it as a new chapter from the 1996 movie.

The movie has been in the works since 2020 and has been kept a secret. 

Warner Bros. Pictures will co-finance the movie with Kennedy Marshall, and Frank Marshall, whose films include iconic franchises like Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, and Bourne, as well as The Sixth Sense and The Color Purple, is producing.

Sara Scott, executive VP of production at Universal, and Jacqueline Garell, chief creative officer, will be in charge of the studio's production oversight, while Ashley Jay Sandberg will be in charge of the whole production of the movie.

Supercell Movie Ending Explained

Supercell movie has a strom breathing ending as William never finds out about his father Bill. It shows that he knows about his father through his tremendous work.

In the last part of the movie, it shows that he has been attracted to all that his father has worked on. He also blames his mother for having no idea about his father.

As he thought that his mother has always kept him away from his father's work to prevent him from becoming like his father. 

In the end, he finds out that Quinn has achieved something that Bill couldn't. She has been able to deduce the particular frequency required for her to 'breathe' the storms. 

The final part of the movie shows her admitting that she adored her husband and all he did, and even after he passed away, she continued to work tirelessly until she fulfilled her husband's wishes. 

Daniel character WIlliam looking at the storm in one of the scene in the movie
Daniel character WIlliam looking at the storm in one of the scene in the movie( Source : twitter )

The final scene shows William hearing a Supercell breathing and is able to get out from under it safely, thanks to his hearing.

So, William's ability to realize his father's desire and, consequently, his ability to get closer to his mother are both made possible by the equipment that Quinn didn't want William to use.

Quinn also understands this and accepts her situation rather than trying to hide it. The only thing that matters is that her son is back.

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