Suomen Sisu Symbol Meaning Explained, Highland Park Shooter Used A Similar Symbols In His Videos

Suomen Sisu symbol Robert Crimo used everywhere.
Suomen Sisu symbol Robert Crimo used everywhere.( Source : twitter )

Suomen Sisu has been reecently associated with the Highland Park Shooter Robert Crimo and here is why.

Since being detained, Crimo's many social media accounts—he was active on a number of platforms—have either been deleted or has had their contents removed.

According to reports, Crimo's social media pages had memes, violent imagery, shootings, American flags, MAGA merchandise, references to video games, and one stylized sign that attracted people's attention.

Some Twitter users pointed out how similar the image was to the Suomen Sisu emblem, which the Finnish far-right organization has adopted as its own.

Suomen Sisu Symbol Meaning Explained

Suomen Sisu is a far-right organization in Finland with the declared mission to "defend Finnish culture, traditions, and nature, as well as to promote the welfare of the Finnish people and the preservation of the Finnish language," according to their website.

Suomen Sisu creates a community in which Finns can live happily and with pride. They claim that the term should not be translated, but if it is, it literally translates to "Finnish spunk," "grit," or "resilience." Sisu, a major idea in Finnish culture, emphasizes the importance of inner strength.

Short for "supporting nationalist ideals," Sisu is opposed to "present multiculturalist and cosmopolitan inclinations." "Fanning the embers of nationalism in everyone," according to the group.

The Bowen knot, also known as St. John's arms, has been used in Northern Europe as a lucky charm since before the advent of Christianity, according to the website for Suomen Sisu. A square with looped and rounded corners is the hallmark of the Bowen or looped knot.

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Did Highland Park Shooter Use Suomen Sisu Symbol?

Internet sleuths discovered Robert Crimo III, alias Awake the Rapper, had used a similar sign in his social media posts and music videos after Crimo was identified as a person of interest in the Highland Park shooting on Monday.

Suomen Sisu consistently published news pieces emphasizing violent crimes by Finland's immigrant groups, according to a deep dive into the site archive.

Sisu's website had suggested reading lists for nationalists that included works by writers like Nazi educator Helmut Stellrecht, Nazi ideologist Alfred Rosenberg, and Ku Klux Klan Grand Dragon David Duke, according to the Finnish anti-fascist organization Varis Verkosto.

Until the website underwent a redesign in 2013, according to Varis Verkosto, these reading lists were still available. Suomen Sisu has denied claims that the organization is "Nazi-spirited."

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What Does Suomen Sisu Symbol Mean In Highland Park Shooting Case?

Other theories for the Suomen Sisu symbol that appeared in Robert Crimo's social media posts and music videos were offered by Twitter sleuths.

Some have claimed that the sign truly depicts a square geometric pattern made up of four 4s. Given that Crimo seems to be a strong enthusiast of the number four and its significance, this explanation might have some merit.

He had four tally marks with a strike through them tattooed on his cheek and the number 47 (whose significance we detailed in a separate piece) on his temple.

We cannot infer any overlap because Crimo's symbol and Suomen Sisu's differed slightly. Any alterations to the sign change its meaning, as one Twitter user noted.

Another comment claimed that Robert Crimo's symbol might be the paganism "cross of endlessness," raising the possibility that Crimo has occult interests.

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