Stunna Girl Before And After Plastic Surgery Transformation

Stunna girl underwent a massive transformation after being viral on social media
Stunna girl underwent a massive transformation after being viral on social media( Source : instagram )

Stunna Girl before and after plastic surgery shows lip fillers, eyebrow lifts, and cheek fillers on her face. The rapper has undergone a transformation.

The hottest new female rapper, Suzanne Sade Brown, started her career by putting music on Spotify.

When her song Runway blew up on TikTok, she started growing her fan base.

Her recent album Stunna This Stunna That has created a lot of waves in the music industry.

Since she spent her teenage years in prison, her music discusses the difficulty and the unique perspective of her life.

She got into rap in childhood as she started recording from his dad's studio closet.

Stunna Girl Before And After Plastic Surgery

 Stunna Girl before and after plastic surgery photos show changes on her lips and eyebrows. Stunna has embraced her new look.

Her appearance has frequently raised concerns among her fans regarding the changes on her face.

It isn't new for people in her field of profession to undergo alteration on their face for confidence. 

Some of the enhancements she has done are:

Lips Filler And Eyebrow Lift

While she hasn't admitted to the procedures, her more frequent photos show obvious changes.

Before she added fillers her lips were asymmetrical and comparatively weakly defined. The surgery helped define her lips and provide them plumping effects.

It adds dimension to the lips with strategic filler to sharpen the natural lips.

Her before and after photo following plastic surgery transformation
Her before and after photo following plastic surgery transformation( Source : instagram )

Also, she has done a cosmetic procedure to raise her brows which is known as a forehead lift.

Cheek Filler

She has also added cheek filler to provide volume around the cheekbones. 

The surgery provides an instant plumping effect that restores and boosts the volume around the cheeks and gives definition to the face.

Stunna Girl Before She Was Famous

Stunna Girl lived around the Sacramento area before she became famous. She was very close to her father and was the only person that mattered the most to her. 

From the age of 8, her dad taught her how to record songs in his makeshift home studio. She always wanted to be a singer to follow in his footsteps.

But things took another direction as she dealt with the legal system for fighting and robbery from the age of 12. She spent three years in jail for assault and robbery accusations.

She was behind the bars till the age of 17 and after her release, she started making music.

Stunna promoting her song Runway on her Instagram
Stunna promoting her song Runway on her Instagram( Source : instagram )

She shared free-style rap music on her social media in 2018. Then she dropped her first mixtape YKTFGO which was an instant hit and gave her all the fame she wanted.

While she faced a lot of difficulties in the past years, the west coast rapper created her second project the Hannnn Ep.

She is now enjoying the positivity in her life and finding success through her rough past.

Her standout "I'm Famous" moment happened when her sister called her and saw her excited. 

Her Rise Into Stardom

Stunna Girl rise into stardom is not a one-day wonder. She was dedicated to her music from her childhood.

She released music videos and made appearances on shows that helped her gain fame and love from her fans.

Her Rapping Career

She became interested in music as she grew up listening to old-school R&B. 

Her rapping career blew up because her tone is quite different from other artists. Her fans can't compare her to others.

She has a very unique voice and style of rapping, which can be heard in her music on Youtube.

Her songs from back in the day are her favorite as it was not pushed by the label and let her be herself.

She during a shooting of a music video
She during a shooting of a music video( Source : instagram )

While her song Runaway became viral through TikTok, her own family and friends didn't like the song when she made it. 

The song is about one looking best and embracing self-confidence. She was shocked to know that the song would be a global hit.

She was most surprised when her little sister face-timed her and told her to check TikTok.

When she figured out that her song had gone viral, it already had 24 million streams on Spotify.

Her Reality Show Career

Stunna girl is a part of the reality show Baddies West.

The show is about successful women who call themselves 'Baddies' from different parts of the country. 

Appearing alongside Natalie Nunn, Gia Mayhem, Sky High Baby, and others, they travel in fancy cars and tour around the west living lavish lives.

The ladies perform and host at some of the most happening clubs in different cities across the country.

She is portrayed as a songwriter and rapper on the show,

She is one of the most successful cast members of the show as she has over 490k followers on Instagram and also has a Youtube channel where she posts her songs.

Her Castmate Tommie Lee Admitted To Having Liposuction

When Tommie shared a beautiful picture of herself in a crop t-shirt people commented that her body has been oddly shaped.

She claimed that she didn't have plastic surgery but when through a Liposuction to remove fat from her body.

Tommie while she was on a live event of Floyd Mayweather fight
Tommie while she was on a live event of Floyd Mayweather fight( Source : instagram )

Lee also commented that she is one of the more natural women in the reality show.

Her honesty and beauty were appraised by her fans.

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