Will There Be A Stepmother 4 On Tubi?

The trilogy of The Stepmother Tubi is releasing on June 8,2023
The trilogy of The Stepmother Tubi is releasing on June 8,2023( Source : instagram )

No, there won't be a Stepmother 4 on Tubi because the movies are part of a trilogy, and there are only three movies. The Stepmother 3 release date was June 8.

The trilogy The Stepmother movie is directed by Chris Stokes, written by Marques Houston, and produced by Footage Film Studio.

Erica Mena is seen in both films portraying the lead character of the movie. She is evil and heartless and can go to any extreme.

The film is full of suspense and thriller, there are some part of the movie which gives goosebumps to the audience.

The Tubi movie sequel successfully showcases betrayal, love, mental illness, and deception. It has some disturbing content to watch for children.

It is a Tubi Original movie. Tubi is an American online streaming platform where the audience can watch free movies and series.

This online site has become one of the leading online streaming services as it has all genres of movies be it romantic, comedy, or Kid friendly content.

Some of the famous Tubi movies are Ultimate Betrayal, Hunting Games, You Are Not Alone, Best Friend, Make It Out, and No Way Out.

Will There Be A Stepmother 4 On Tubi?

No, there will not be a Stepmother 4 on Tubi, as the movie series is a trilogy with only three movies. The three movies are available to watch on Tubi.

With the release of Stepmother 3 on Tubi in June, fans wonder if there will be another part of the thriller. However, much to fan's disappointment, another movie in the series in highly unlikely.

The cast members and the makers of the movie have made it clear that the series in a trilogy and thus, there will only be 3 three movies. Fans can, however, look forward to other Tubi original movies starring Erica Pena as we are sure there will be plenty of those.

The Stepmother 3 Cast List

The Stepmother 3 cast consists of Erica Mena and Willie Taylor in lead roles. The movie is available to watch on Tubi.

Similarly, other cast members like Christina Rose as Kelly, Jarell Houston Sr., and Justin Sweat will also be part of the final sequel of the hit Tubi movie.

Erica Mena

Erica Mena has given one of her best performances in the Tubi Trilogy The Stepmother.

Her role is to manipulate the single father and promise them a good family and get married to them.

In the first part, Marques Houston played the character of a single father and later her husband, and in the sequel movie, Daniel J. Johnson played her husband.

The renowned Tubi actress will be playing the lead role in the Stepmother Trilogy
The renowned Tubi actress will be playing the lead role in the Stepmother Trilogy( Source : instagram )

Erica is an American actress, model, and social media influencer. She is known for Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, The Millenial, and You're Not Alone.

She has also written the autobiographies Chronicles of a Confirmed Bachelorette and Underneath It All.

The actress graduated from Newburgh Free Academy in Newburgh, NY. She is open about her Sexuality and identifies as bisexual.

She has three children from her previous relationship two sons and one daughter. She married Safaree Samuels in 2018 and filed for divorce in 2021.

Willie Taylor

In the new sequel to the hit movie The Stepmother, Willie will be seen opposite Erica playing the co-lead character.

Willie Taylor is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer. He is best known for Marietta 2: A House Divided, 3rd Degree, and Note to Self.

The singer is married to Lashanda Niyana Taylor on December 29, 2007. They share two beautiful children.

The famous American singer and rapper Willie will be seen opposite to Erica in The Stepmother 3
The famous American singer and rapper Willie will be seen opposite to Erica in The Stepmother 3( Source : instagram )

Previously, he was a member of the Chicago-based group Kwiet Storm. They have also released a music video named Leave Me Alone.

After being in the band for ten years, Willie decided to leave and focus on his solo career as a singer and actor.

After leaving Kwiet Storm, he gave auditioned for Making The Band 4. He and his wife were featured on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.

Additional Stepmother 3 Cast Members

  • Christina Rose
  • Jarell Houston Sr.
  • Justin Sweat
  • Malik Whitfield
  • Ozie
  • Victoria

The Stepmother 3 Release Date Set For June

The hit thriller movie sequel The Stepmother 3 Tubi release date is on June 8, 2023. This is the last movie in the trilogy The Stepmother.

The Tubi movie is the sequel to the 2022 Stepmother and Stepmother 2, both of which were big hits.

The official Tubi channel as well as other actors have also confirmed the date and are excited to show the new plot sorry of the successful movie.

Similar to the previous two movies, the lead role is played by the renowned Tubi actress Erica Mena. She has also shared this news on Instagram among her fans.

The movie tells the story of psychopaths women who search for widowed men, manipulate them, love them, and marry them.

Erica, the lead character, seems mentally unstable in the movie, as she continues doing the same evil thing again and again.

Similarly, after marrying them and becoming the stepmother of the children, she then starts showcasing her real color to the family.

The Stepmother is a thriller suspense movie directed by Chris Stokes and co-written by Marques Houston
The Stepmother is a thriller suspense movie directed by Chris Stokes and co-written by Marques Houston( Source : instagram )

In the comment section, people were congratulating her and were excited to see her on the big screen portraying the most promising role.

Her fans are also happy that she is ignoring all the negative comments and moving on with back-to-back hits with the movie.

Erica also confirmed that this will be the last sequel of the movie The Stepmother, after that, she can be seen in Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.

The actress is the main cast member of Love&Hip Hop: Atlanta since season ten. She was also a part of Love & Hip Hop: Newyork.

The reality show documents the personal and professional lives of several hip-hop and R&B singers, performers, and managers from the United States.

The Stepmother Trilogy On Tubi

The Tubi movie The Stepmother 3 has successfully generated hype on the internet with its confirmation of release date.

The first movie, The Stepmother was released on June 24, 2023, exclusively on the online platform service Tubi.

Similarly, the sequel part of the movie premiered on December 23, 2022, which was also a big hit movie.

In the first part of the movie, Erica played the role of Zoey who got married to Eddie, a widowed man with children.

She promised to make a dream family and love his children like her own and was able to put on a mask until she was married to him.

She started showing her evil side on every small thing, she made the life of the family hell and put the love of negativity and violence.

The film was critically acclaimed, she received praise for her role and acting, and following the success Tubi ordered its sequel to be made.

The upcoming Tubi movie is the franchise of The Stepmother Tubi film
The upcoming Tubi movie is the franchise of The Stepmother Tubi film( Source : youtube )

In Stepmother 2 film, Erica lives by the fake identity named Elizabeth Carter/Diana Valdez and manipulates Kevin to marry her.

Similar to the first story, the movie revolves around a woman with dissociative identity disorder who tried to live a normal life.

But her past life won't leave her as she suffered from some type of mental problems, she gets angry and provoked by even the smallest of things.

Stepmother 2 was also a huge hit and she, along with the director and writer of the film, started working on the third movie.

And now, they are all set to give fans a roller coaster ride for the character with a new story and plot.

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