Meet The Cast Of Stepmother 2022 On Tubi

The new movie of Tubi TV The Stepmother 2 has already been released.
The new movie of Tubi TV The Stepmother 2 has already been released.( Source : instagram )

Stepmother 2022 Tubi cast consists of Erica Mena, Daniel J. Johnson and Wesley Jonathan. The movie was released in December 2022.

After the success of the first movie of The Stepmother, the director Chris Stokes brought a sequel to the audiences.

Similar to the first movie, which released in June 2022, the sequel brings you the thriller and drama experience.

Elizabeth surviving after assaulting Eddie's family is now on the hunt once more. 

Now, she is going behind Kevin with a new name following recovery from her injuries. The couple is going to get married pretty soon too. 

His friend Chris Harris also is trying to dissuade his friend from marrying a woman that he has only known for a few months.

Now, will Elizabeth continue her murderous rampage and destroy the Smith family or will there be a new happy ending?

The writers of the movie are Marques Houston and Chris Stokes. 

The Stepmother 2022 Cast Members

Stepmother 2022 Tubi cast include Erica Mena, Wesley Jonathan, Judi Johnson and Daniel J. Johnson. The movie is streaming on Tubi. 

1. Erica Mena as Zoey/ Elizabeth/ Diana

In the movie The Stepmother 2, actress Erica Mena plays the role of Zoey who has gone rogue after the death of her son.

Now a murderous woman who acts as Diana is after a single father who reminds her of her Frank who destroyed her life and deranged her. 

The superb actress is also a model and video vixen. Her stardom fame has risen from her appearance and participation in the Love & Hip Hop franchises from New York to Atlanta.

Erica get up as a doctor in her new movie
Erica get up as a doctor in her new movie ( Source : instagram )

She has been active as a television personality, and reality star since 2009 from the show Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami.

She was just a dash employee who took her first step into stardom in reality television.

The actress has been married to video director and rapper Raul Conde and Safaree Samuels and was engaged to Bow Wow.

Currently, the actress is single. The model has three children with her previous relationships. 

Besides appearing in The Stepmother movie franchise, she has also appeared in Sacrifice and The Assistant

2. Daniel J. Johnson as Kevin Smith

In the movie, Daniel plays the role of Kevin Smith who is smitten with Diana and is marrying her in a few months.

Though he is loving and caring about his family, he is still conflicted about his ex-wife who wants to reconcile.

Daniel is a British actor and was born and raised in a busy city in the United Kingdom, London.

He is not only an actor but also a professional Martial artist. He is proficient in martial arts such as Thai Boxing, Taekwondo and Hapkido.

Actor Daniel is the master of Taekwondo.
Actor Daniel is the master of Taekwondo. ( Source : instagram )

He completed his graduation in drama, improv and theater at the university of the UK. After completing his studies, he came to Los Angeles, California to start his new chapter of acting in the movie industry. 

3. Wesley Jonathon as Chris Harris

Wesley Jonathon plays the role of Chris Harris in The Stepmother 2 movie. In the movie, he is working as a private investigator who has already retired from public service as a cop.

His investigative skills make him suspicious of Diana, the new wife of his friend Kevin.

The actor was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. When he was nine, his cousin brought him to an audition. That became the seed for his interest in the movies.

Wesley is acting as the private investigator in the movie.
Wesley is acting as the private investigator in the movie.( Source : instagram )

Though he didn't get the opportunity immediately, his patience brought him the fruit of his labor. He was called for an episode on the television series 21 Jump Street. 

Currently, he is married to Tamara Mitchell and has a daughter named Faye. He also operates a business Nucci Inc., a swimming pool supplies distributor. 

4. Judi Johnson as Janet Smith

Judi Johnson plays the role of the ex-wife of Kevin Smith, Janet Smith.

After divorcing her husband Kevin and leaving her son Dustin, she again wants to come into their lives and reconcile with her ex-husband Kevin. 

Judi Johnson is a Jamaican-born and raised actress living in the United States since the age of ten. 

Judi is plays the role of ex-wife of Kevin in The Stepmother 2
Judi is plays the role of ex-wife of Kevin in The Stepmother 2( Source : instagram )

The actress has been acting since 2004 in several movies and series such as The Vampire Diaries, Inevitable, Hear No Evil, Lyfe's Journey, If Loving You Is Wrong and Anacostia. 

She is married to Pierre Johnson since 2016. The couple has been blessed with three children.

The Stepmother 2 Additional Cast:

  • Rene Aranda as Hostess
  • Tremayne Norris as Sam
  • LaVell Thompson Jr. as Dustin Smith
  • Michael Franklin as James Johnson
  • Terrell Clayton as Dr. Morris
  • Harvey B. Jackson as LAPD Officer Murphy
  • Daniel Olsen as Bar Harrison
  • Rashida Diva Shabazz as Nurse Kelly and
  • Dwight Boyce as Frank

Fan Reaction and Movie Review

There has been a mixed reaction from fans to The Stepmother 2 movie. Some are quite harsh and some are motivating. 

In the IMDb review, BandSAboutMovies has given 3 stars out of 10 commenting "Better than the First".

Another commenter kc_jason-97119 has commented on Erica Mena's acting giving 10 stars on it. The next commenter ryanlion-38514 commented, "This is actually surprisingly pretty good!" giving 7 stars for the movie. 

On the other hand, Twitter is not as motivating as IMDb. @VegasWorldInc has posted that The Stepmother 2 was boring. He commented that the movie was also confusing.

Twitter commenter comments about The Stepmother 2 movie
Twitter commenter comments about The Stepmother 2 movie( Source : twitter )

While on YouTube, the comments made by fans are farely positive. The commenter laidyteetee2014 has praised the acting skill of actress of Erica Mena.

Where to Watch The Stepmother 2?

The Footage Films production movie, The Stepmother 2, was premiered on Tubi TV on December 23, 2022. 

Aside from being available for streaming on Tubi TV,  the movie can also be viewed on Apple TV plus.

The movie has received 6.3 ratings on IMDb, with plenty of positive reviews left by the viewers.

The Stepmother 2 Trailer ( Source : youtube )

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