Does Stephen Tompkinson Have Cancer - Details About His Health And Illness

Popular English actor, Stephen Tompkinson
Popular English actor, Stephen Tompkinson( Source : sportskeeda )

With the changes seen in Stephen Tompkinson recently, people suspect that the actor is sick with some illness, and fans immediately jumped to conclusions about whether he has cancer or not.

Stephen Tompkinson is a famous veteran actor who won the 1994 British Award for Best TV Comedy Actor, starring in several movies and series.

Let us learn more about the actor's health, if he has cancer, and where the actor is now to find out more details on his health condition today.

Stephen Tompkinson Illness And Health Update 2022 - Does He Have Cancer?

Stephen Tompkinson is in excellent health with no signs of any illnesses as of 2022, and he does not show any signs of cancer during his recent appearances.

The actor has not opened up or announced his health issues or the fact that he has any terminal illness, which leads to believe that the rumors are all false.

It could have stemmed from Tompkinson advocating for Alzheimer's recently trying to raise more awareness about the disease. Some fans might have speculated that the actor may be advocating for the disease because he is suffering from it.

Actor Stephen Tompkinson in his younger days
Actor Stephen Tompkinson in his younger days( Source : co )

But his advocacy of the disease has nothing to do with his health issues and more with his father's health. Stephen opened up to the media some time ago about his father's dementia.

Due to his father's illness, he has been trying his best to spread awareness about dementia, memory, and Alzheimer's.

So, the 56-year-old actor is doing great and is in good health with no signs of any terminal illness holding him back.

Where Is Stephen Tompkinson Now?

Stephen Tompkinson may not be sick with any diseases. Still, he recently got into trouble with the law after being called to court with an accusation of inflicting grievous bodily harm.

According to sources, the actor got accused of hurting another person and causing damage to the victim's head, resulting in a double skull fracture.

Stephen has not publicly addressed the situation, but he appeared at the North Tyneside magistrate's court on August 10 and pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The English actor's next appearance in court will be in September again for further ruling on the case accusing him of grievous bodily harm. Fans are shocked at this news since he has been sharing a lot about the connection between head injury and dementia.

Stephen Tompkinson's 3-Decade Long Career

Stephen Tompkinson is a famous English actor who has been in the industry for over three decades, debuting in 1987. He is not only an actor but is also a presenter, narrator, and director.

His voice with the England accent makes great for narrating and voiceovers as he has narrated many TV shows and programs along with working on many advertisements and audiobooks.

Stephen Tompkinson in ITV's DCI Banks
Stephen Tompkinson in ITV's DCI Banks( Source : hearstapps )

You may know him best for his roles in major projects like Trolled, Little Red Tractor, In Denial of Murder, and DCI Banks. However, the actor has also presented many radios plays on BBC Radio.

Apart from movies and radio, he decided to bring his talent for presenting and acting at once and gave the theatre a try; he performed in West End and Women Laughing, which showed off his talent as an actor on stage.

The 56-year-old actor is still active with his latest appearance in the British TV crime drama Sherwood as Warnock.

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