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The handsome and attractive hunk of entertainment business, Stephen Belafonte is a well-known name in America. He with his superb looks and confidence has set sustainable standards in the field of showbiz with his credible works in production and direction. Widely known for his acclaimed movie Thank You for Smoking, he has been producing several other high famed movies. He was born to Thomas Stansbury, a highly acclaimed personality; he is of black ethnicity and is holds an American citizenship and nationality. With his good looks and talent, he set up his production and direction campaign and has maintained firm fame through it. The resourceful indulgence in the field of movie has sustained his career as a profound and celebrated persona.


He set foot on this world in May 18, 1975 and completed his graduation from Loyola Marymount University in 1997. He was interested in the field of entertainment from his early age and found his base by co-producing the hit movie Thank You for Smoking in 2005. The movie helped his career to bloom and upgrade his status. Having the direction from Jason Reitman and featuring actors like Joan Lunden, Eric Haberman, Aaron Eckhart the movie was a successful venture for the cast and the crew. He then started his production for The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call – New Orleans. The movie was based on a murder investigation of five immigrants from Senegal after the major catastrophe of nature Katrina. The movie had a well-known cast of Nicolas Cage, Eva Mendes, Russell M. Haeuser and was released in 2009. He has produced numerous hit flicks and has made her financial status sustainably commendable. His production includes Mutant Chronicles in 2008 and C-Murder: Straight From the Projects – Rappers That Live the Lyrics to name the few. His commitment and determination paid off and he has been producing many other flicks to increase his number of success.


The commercial success of the movies has led him to maintain a sustainable salary and net worth. He has the looks of a stud and has the mind of a successful businessperson. He is credited for his mind, looks, and most of all for his unique style statements. Either it is having a weir hair do or going bald it’s all on his fashion conscience. He is also known for his alleged affairs and link ups with several if his girlfriends and celebrities.


Stephen Belafonte has been married quite lot with his marriage to Nicole Contreras then to Mel B. He had the image of a playboy from his regular confirmation of affairs and getting involved with several of the girls in consecutive time span. After his marriage with Nicola, the couple got blessed with a daughter, Giselle and the couple got a divorce. Then he married Mel B who was pregnant from her former husband Eddie Murphy and had the child Angel Iris after marriage with him. He has children from his former marriage and so has her wife. He has been surrounded by controversies throughout his life. The controversies mainly related with his link ups and affairs. He was found cheating on his marriage and assaults on his former wife Nicola. He even kept the fact about him being married and divorced before, a secret and unrevealed.


He has an exotic lifestyle with luxurious mansion in his name. After getting married to Mel, he purchased an estate known as Scary Spice for $ 3.159 million and renovated it with other luxurious features. The estate is now estimated to be $3.45 million with in – built gym, record studio and many other grand extravagances. The fame and reputation that he carries along has made him one of the celebrated personalities of the movie industry, profiting his finance and his career. His production company has set the standard of high achievements and he is the one to be named for it. However, he is most of the times linked with the veteran singer, actor and songwriter Harry Belafonte due to the resemblance of the surname; he has no relation with the highly acclaimed personality. His own reputation is hysterical enough to prove him one of the best in the business and it has led him to higher status. More about his triumphs and accomplishments can be found in wiki and other internet sites. His bio has not been published yet but the summarized form of his accounts is wide spread in internet.