Stars On Mars Filming Locations Are Out Of This World

The American reality series, Stars on Mars releases on June 5 at 8pm.
The American reality series, Stars on Mars releases on June 5 at 8pm. ( Source : instagram )

Stars On Mars is filmed in Coober Pedy, Australia. The town is located in northern South Australia, 846 km north of Adelaide on the Stuart Highway.

Sometimes referred to as the "Opal capital of the world", it got its name from the quantity of Opals mined from there.

It is a desert in Australia with landscapes that resemble closely to the red planet.

Stars on Mars is a Fox Entertainment reality series produced by Australia's Eureka Productions.

It features celebrities assigned with imitate original Mars expedition projects, examining their strength to plan and form groups.

The series shows celebrities simulating living in a Mars colony. It is considered the largest project to be shot in South Australia location.

The reality show is hosted by William Shatner, who proudly traveled to space himself in 2021 on Jeff Bezos's space shuttle. The host was overwhelmed by his trip to becoming the oldest human in Space at the age of 90.

The series is set to launch on Monday, June 5, 2023, at 8p.m EDT on Fox. It will be available on Hulu as well.

Where Is Stars On Mars Filmed?

Stars on Mars was filmed in Coober Pedy in northern South Australia. Stars on Mars filming locations resemble the Red Planet very closely.

Coober Pedy is famous for its below-ground habitat called "dugouts", built in a manner due to the burning daytime heat.

The idea of dugouts is believed to be introduced by the soldiers during the First World War.

The natives of the town swiftly understood the benefit of living underground to escape the heat of the summer and winter's cool desert nights. 

The temperature of dugouts is not affected by any harsh climate and is maintained at a suitable temperature from 19 degrees to 25 degrees throughout the year.

Habitat for 12 celebrities on Mars situated on Earth.
Habitat for 12 celebrities on Mars situated on Earth. ( Source : instagram )

The name "Coober Pedy" is likely to originate from the Aboriginal term 'kupa-piti', meaning 'whitefellas' hole.

However, in 1975 a new name was adopted by the local Aboriginal people of the town, namely 'Umoona', defined as "long life".

The great hospitality of the Federal Government’s Location Incentive, along with the South Australian Film Corporation, motivated the filming in this place.

Similarly, the location is a great match with the red planet.

The surrounding of this town is generally expressed as being like the moon, with its terrain dotted with shafts and mullock heaps from opal mining activities.

Coober Pedy Has A Lot To Offer

The town has become a famous stopover point and tourism destination. The town began to get popular when the sealing of the Stuart Highway was completed.

The town has every facility that a large town would probably have to offer, inclusive of a variety of Opal shops. Some places of attraction are mines, the graveyard, and underground churches.

There are also motels offering underground facilities with a few rooms or the entire motel underground. The Umoona Opal Mine and Museum is a popular attraction.

Umoona Opal Mine and Museum is a popular destination in Coober Pedy, South Australia
Umoona Opal Mine and Museum is a popular destination in Coober Pedy, South Australia ( Source : instagram )

The town itself is a location for several films, and its scenery has lured many movie producers.

Movies that were filmed in this beautiful town in Australia are Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, Mortal Kombat, and The Adventures Of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert.

According to the District Council of Coober Pedy, the population is approximately 2,500.

It is an ethnically diverse community with more than 45 nationalities living harmoniously.

Are They Really on Mars on The Show?

No, the celebrities are not really on Mars on the show. In fact, the team lives together in a real scenario that inspires life on Mars.

The FOX network has announced the release of a reality show competition named "Stars of Mars" on June 5, 2023. Despite what the name suggests, the show is not filmed on Mars.

The show is shot in Australia. The red sands of Coober Pedy will be cast as Mars as celebrities battle to remain in the show.

Celebrities are put together in the stimulation of Mars, where they will fight to become the last "celebronaut."

The series starts with a determined space person suiting and adjusting to their new space mission-worthy digs, where they'll "live, eat, sleep, strategize, and bond with each other" over the period of the series.

The Space people come from different background but with same passion to win the
The Space people come from different background but with same passion to win the "biggest star in the galaxy" award.( Source : instagram )

With the mission of colonizing the out-of-this-world surroundings, each popular individual must compete in a series of tasks. The tasks are constantly assigned to them by Mission Control.

Completing those tasks fortunately will prove to be beneficial for the member, as the competition is a survivor's game. Each week there will be a vote out when one member is sent back to the earth until just one remains.

The celebrities are there to show that they can survive. Their leadership skills will be tested and only one will reach the top. 

Meet The Cast Of Stars On Mars

The series features 12 celebrities from diverse backgrounds and professions. What binds them together is their passion for overcoming challenging and unexpected situations.

Celebronauts discussing their assignment alloted by Mission Control.
Celebronauts discussing their assignment alloted by Mission Control.( Source : instagram )

Stars on Mars cast consists of:

  • Lance Armstrong - Former professional road-racing cyclist
  • Natasha Leggero - Comedian, actress, and writer
  • Marshawn Lynch - Former NFL running back
  • Christopher Mintz-Plasse - Actor and comedian
  • Adam Rippon - Olympic figure skater and TV personality
  • Ronda Rousey - Professional wrestler and UFC champion, Olympic medalist, and actress
  • Tom Schwartz - Vanderpump Rules cast member and restraurer
  • Richard Sherman - NFL cornerback
  • Tinashe - Pop and R&B singer, dancer, actress
  • Porsha Williams Guobadia - RHOA star and author
  • Tallulah Willis - Entrepreneur and artist
  • Ariel Winter - Modern Family breakout star

When Does Stars on Mars Come Out?

Stars on Mars premiers Monday, June 5 at 8 pm, EDT on Fox with one hour-long episode.

Every week it will come out on the same day and same time. The episode will be available on Hulu the next day.

The series is a distinct and unique concept in the TV reality competition.

As the celebrities compete with each other in the show, it will be interesting to see who got what it takes to survive the situation on Red Planet.

Having William as host, the show will be an out-of-this-world adventure.

Here is the trailer of celebrities moving to Mars:

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