Stanford Baseball Player Sahil Bloom Announces Baby With His Current Partner, Are The Two Married?

Former Standford baseball player Sahil Bloom is married to his wife Elizabeth Bloom, the couple has been married for five years now and they are expecting a son in a few weeks. 

Sahil Bloom is a former baseball player for Standford University but currently works as an investor. He is the Managing Partner of SRB Ventures, an investing business. The company is dedicated to investing in and developing global companies according to Wife Bio.

He was an early-stage investor in over 40 firms before founding his organization in January 2022. He also served as an Advisor at Altamont Capital Partners, a generalist investment company with over $3.5 billion in assets under management that focuses on control investments in middle-market companies.

Let us learn more about Sahil Bloom's wife and take a closer look at his new baby and relationship timeline. 

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Does Stanford Baseball Player Sahil Bloom Have A Wife? Relationship Timeline

Former Standford baseball player Sahil Bloom is married to his wife Elizabeth Bloom. 

The couple has been married for over five years now and is expecting a child soon. 

However, Sahil and Elizabeth met 15 years ago and waited for 10 years before tying their knot in a romantic and luxurious wedding back on December 17, 2017. 

The former baseball player met his wife at the computer lab during his high school years, she was sitting next to him and they exchanged smiles and few words at their first meet. 

The couple fell in love and continued their relationship while expanding their career and ultimately tied their knot. They seem to be high in love, judging by Sahil's Twitter posts, he never misses a chance to flaunt his relationship and love for his wife on social media. 

When Is Sahil Bloom New Baby Arriving?

Sahil Bloom and his wife Elizabeth will welcome their first son in a few weeks. 

The couple has not disclosed the date of the delivery but Sahil shared on his Twitter that he will become the father of a boy. 

Their new baby will be their firstborn, the couple has not shared anything about the name of the baby yet, but they might reveal the name when the boy is born. 

Bloom received numerous congratulations messages and comments after the announcement

What Is Sahil Bloom Age?

Sahil Bloom's actual age is 31 years old, he was born in the year 1991. 

Similarly, he celebrates his birthday on January 5 every year. He is showered with wishes and blessings by his family and friends on his birthday every year. 

According to his actual date of birth, Bloom has acquired Capricorn as his zodiac sign. 

Making predictions about his personality based on his zodiac sign, people with Capricorn as their zodiac sign tend to be patient and logical.

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