Why Does Spiderman 2099 Hate Miles In The Spider Verse?

The movie is releasing on 2nd June, 2023. There are different variants of Spider-People in this movie.
The movie is releasing on 2nd June, 2023. There are different variants of Spider-People in this movie.( Source : instagram )

Spiderman 2099 hates Miles in the Spider-Verse because of the difference in their opinions regarding The Spot and the multiverse.

The trailer of SpiderMan: Across the Spider-verse shows an ugly tiff between Miguel O'Hara aka Spider-Man 2099 of Earth 928 and Miles Morales of Earth 1610. 

It raises questions among the viewers about what actually Miles may have done to get ganged up by dozens of multiverse Spider-People.

Peter Parker is most popular as the Amazing Spider-Man, however, he's not the only one of such kind to creep walls all over the Marvel Universe.

Even before the creation of characters like Miles Morales and Peter's ideal universe, Miguel O'Hara was in fact the second-best famous Spider-Man.

His name was inspired by the year he became Spider-Man, hence 2099. He became the savior of a different and less friendly neighborhood in a cyberpunk future.

Why Is Spider Man 2099 Fighting Miles?

Spider-Man 2099 is fighting Miles because of their opinions about the multiverse. This could be the result of a number of factors.

We are still blown away by the trailer. We might not be the only one to wonder how exactly Miles gets into such trouble. We can draw many conclusions but first, we much understand the basis of their conflict. 

Basis of conflict between Miguel and Miles

1. Miguel creates a Spider-Force

At the end of Into the Spider-Verse, we saw Gwen finding a way to travel through the Multiverse accurately and stopping by to check on her friend. 

The hexagonal portal Tech she’s using and the bracelet she wears on her left wrist seem to be the creation of Spider-Man 2099.

We saw this in the post-credits scene of Into the Spider-Verse, where he and his AI, Lyla create an independent multiverse journey and begin to hire a group of Web fighters.

Web Warriors are loyal toward the life and future of their universe.
Web Warriors are loyal toward the life and future of their universe. ( Source : pinterest )

As per the movie's synopsis, Miles is hurled across the Multiverse, confronting a team of Spider-People expected to save its world. These are the Web-warriors from the comics who guard the web of life and future that links the Multiverse.

Clearly, Miguel is the head of this operation, and Gwen is a part of the team. Gwen hiding it from Miles is an interesting plot that will crack open excitingly. 

2. Miles and Miguel's approach towards 'The Spot'

As seen in the first movie, multiverse travels come with dangerous setbacks, from sudden attacks to full cellular decay. This is a responsibility that lies heavily on Miguel. 

Maybe it is the way how he carries out such responsibility that leads to conflict with Miles. The earlier movie focus on anyone can wear a mask but this time it is about how you wear the mask. 

This film will examine the means and standard of adjusting power with responsibility.

This is where the villain of the movie 'The Spot' comes in. The way Miles handles The Spot versus the way hoe Miguel does may be the core conflict of the movie.

3. The Spot poses a danger to Multiverse

So there is a character with the power to hop dimensions without Miguel's Tech approval or safety measures. This makes The Spot a danger to the Multiverse.

Meet 'The Spot', Morales most intimidating opponent yet.
Meet 'The Spot', Morales most intimidating opponent yet. ( Source : instagram )

It is Miguel's job to get rid of such danger, and it is evident that his ways are violent. The comic version of him is more brutal and is nicknamed “property damage Spider-Man” by the crew.

On the other hand, Miles may take a comforting approach toward The Spot. As per producer 'Kent Powers' both may be connected surprisingly, and The Spot may be from Miles's universe.

The Spot might be a scientist working on Fisk’s forays into dimensional travel, but is likely to be trapped between dimensions when Miles shuts it down, creating another villain by accident. 

Why do they fight?

Miguel and Miles both have different approaches toward The Spot. The former wishes to kill, while the latter wants to help him control his powers.

In the trailer, we see Miguel staring at his daughter Gabriella's photo, eating ice cream. Given the tragic loss experienced by all Spider-Man, she may be deceased. One theory may be that it was because of The Spot.

Miguel might be concerned that Miles will spoil his plan or the timeline itself with his bold actions and make him forcefully leave his dimension. 

Similarly, Miles denied being part of Miguel's group of Spider-Men in a previous scene for a few cause, so he tried to apprehend Miles. 

Another reason why the 2099 Spider-Man battles the younger version might be to protect him from something he is unaware of. 

It is also certain that Miguel is trying to establish his group of Spider-people in order to defeat the villain. But not speaking a word to Miles seems like his mind is controlled by the force of evil to fight Miles.

How Did Spiderman 2099 Get His Spiderpowers?

Spiderman 2099 got his Spider powers from an experiment gone wrong that includes merging his DNA with a Spider. His powers are different from that of Peter Parker and Miles Morales.

Miguel comes from a different universe of Earth - 928, at a future time after the end of the " Heroic Age". He worked as an engineer in the Alchemax company in the year 2099.

In this period, the famous Peter Parker everyone knew as Spider-Man was gone. Miguel, on the other hand, was trying to build Spidey's powers with the help of Spider's DNA and by testing them.

After he finds out that the company used a criminal as a test subject to advance their research, Miguel quits the job.

Tyler Stone, Alchemax’s Vice President of Research and Development injected him with a substance called Rapture.

It was an addictive substance that Miguel will be needing for the rest of his life. He tries to genetically reset his body, but his experiment is compromised by his senior, Aaron Delgato, accidentally bestowing Miguel with amazing Spidey powers.

He sees a chance to save common people against corrupt organizations and chooses to use his power wisely and become Spider-Man 2099.

Miguel acquired powers through his various advanced technology.
Miguel acquired powers through his various advanced technology. ( Source : instagram )

Spider-Man 2099 powers are distinct as compared to the original Spider-Man. There may be something lacking as compared to the original Spider-Man but it doesn't pose any setbacks.

 His powers include:

  • Miguel has original Web-shooters that come out of his wrist instead of underneath the palm. He also developed the web fluid;
  • He has great eyesight in lieu of spider sense allowing him to see greater distance;
  • He has talons at the end of his feet and hands for crawling walls. It can be withdrawn whenever needed;
  • another most interesting power is his venom. He can inject venom directly with his teeth when needed;
  • alter his DNA as well as that of others in various ways. This might be helpful during the fighting;
  • specially designed suit to help him glide for great distances;
  • a personal AI named Lyla, to help him on his mission.

Does Spider-Man 2099 have Spider-sense?

No, Spider man 2099 does not have spider sense as Miguel O'Hara was not bitten by a radioactive bug.

However, with the help of modern science and technology, he has his own power and abilities which is as unique and distinct from other Spider-Men.

The briefings from Sony state that Miguel might have access to his superhuman abilities in the coming movie.

Whether his power has been changed is yet to be seen, but seeing materials about the release, we can say that the character remains true to his original Marvel comics.

How Many Spider Man Are In Spider Man Across The Spider Verse?

There are 280 variants of Spider-Men in the Spider-verse. Out of them, 95 have been named and have powers as confirmed by the Co-director Justin K. Thompson in May 2023.

Miles Morales, Gwen Stacy, and Peter B. Parker remain three of the major characters in the franchise, returning after their leading turns in the first film.

The new Spiderman movie introduces new spider man while bringing back favorites from the first movie
The new Spiderman movie introduces new spider man while bringing back favorites from the first movie( Source : twitter )

Across the Spider-Verse will also include the likes of Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Woman, and Spider-Punk.

There are different variants of Spider-Man and women shown in the trailer. Some of them are;

  • Miles Morales
  • Spider-Man: Across
  • Spider-Man: Across
  • Spider-Man 2099
  • Peter B. Parker
  • Spider-Punk
  • Pavitr Prabhakar
  • PlayStation Spider-Men of Peter Parker and Miles Morales from Sony's PlayStation 4 games
  • Spider-Man's "Big Time" Tron Costume
  • Spider-Byte aka Margo
  • Spider Money
  • Spider bag
  • Spider-Man Armored Costume
  • Superior Spider-Man
  • Marvel's Classic Iron Spider
  • Manga Spider-Man

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