Sophia Lillis Father David Lillis Is A Proud Guardian

Sophia did a photoshoot for Uncle Frank Interview in November 20, 2023
Sophia did a photoshoot for Uncle Frank Interview in November 20, 2023( Source : instagram )

Sophia Lillis father David Lillis is an artist and drawing expert. Sophia Lillis was born to parents David Willis and Juliana Mellevold.

She rose to prominence after her outstanding performance in the supernatural horror film It (2017). Wyatt Olef became her close friend after working on this project together.

Her other projects include the Netflix drama series I Am Not Okay With This. Sharp Objects, an HBO psychological thriller miniseries, also featured her.

Lillis began her acting career when she was seven years old, and she credits her stepfather for encouraging her to take acting classes at Manhattan's Lee Strasberg Theatre.

Later, while studying at NYU, one of her professors suggested Sophia for an NYU student film. She then signed with an agent and began auditioning for roles.

Sophia has established herself as an old soul who dislikes socializing. She spends the majority of her time working or engaging in creative hobbies.

Sophia Lillis Parents Separated When She Was Young

Sophia Lillis father David Lillis is an artist. Davis shares his artwork and his children's achievement on social media.

The American actress made her film debut starring in the 2016 film 37. Her mother and stepfather Christopher Mellevold raised her.

Sofia Lillis is descended from Germans, Irish, Polish, and Swiss. Juliana Mellevold and David Lillis, her parents, divorced when she was a child.

Her Father Is A Business Man

Sophia Lillis father David Lillis is an artist by profession. Her mother’s name is Juliana Mellevold and she is a housemaker.

Her parents, on the other hand, divorced when Lillis was a child. Their divorce was caused by irreconcilable differences. After her parents divorced, Sophia chose to keep her dad's surname.

It is evident that her parents divorced in a bad term, but both brother and sister appear to have a close relationship with their dad David.

Sophia along with her brother and father in 2016
Sophia along with her brother and father in 2016( Source : facebook )

David, on the other hand, is frequently seen flaunting their children on social media and promoting their children's movies or other projects.

He appears to be the proud parent of two kids. But there isn't much we can learn about him because he prefers to keep things simple.

It is also unknown whether he is still single or married to someone else after his divorce from Juliana.

Sophia Mother Married Christopher After Her Divorce

Sophia Lillis mother Juliana Lillis married Christopher Mellevold, who later became Sophia's stepfather.

The mother-daughter duo shares a lovely bond and she is her biggest supporter.

The actress and her mother are very close to each other
The actress and her mother are very close to each other( Source : instagram )

The actress lives with her mother and stepfather Christopher Mellevold, who is a photographer & filmmaker by profession. 

They even consider him to be their biological father because he has always been there for them and has taken care of them since they were children.

Sophia Has A Twin Brother

Sophia Lillis twin brother Jake Lillis is only a minute older than her. Jake Lillis is an actor best known for the short movie Tiny Mammals.

Jake Lillis is often seen together with the actress at various events and functions together.

Jake has a condition in which his fingers appear fused together. The condition really makes it difficult to carry out daily tasks.

On February 1, 2023 The sibling attended First fashion week which was held in Paris, France
On February 1, 2023 The sibling attended First fashion week which was held in Paris, France( Source : instagram )

He has done some amazing roles in a few the movies like My Really Cool Legs!, The Real Housewife Of New York City and Tiny Mammals. He has made his own space inside Hollywood.

As they have grown together and are twins, their bond is unmatchable with other. Recently, they were seen attending fashion week in Paris, France.

Jake loves giving updates to his fans and is very active on his social media sites. He shares his personal and professional pictures on his Instagram.

Though little is known about Sophia's family, her few stories reveal that she and her brothers grew up in a close-knit family.

From her stepfather's previous relationship, the young actress has one step-brother named Philip Mellevold. Sophia and Jake are extremely close to their step-siblings.

Sophia Lillis Family Life

Sophia Lillis family consits of her parents and siblings. Her parents separated while she was young.

The young actress recalls all of the pleasant memories she had as a child. Everyone is happy and satisfied because both the siblings are living their dream lives.

She was raised in New York City by her parents and three siblings. Her stepfather introduced her to acting, and she attributes the first step in her career to him.

Sophia is very much close to his grandfather, and she often posts about him saying how much she loves and adores him. He seems to have a significant influence on her.

Sophia and her mother went In Paris to celebrate their holiday
Sophia and her mother went In Paris to celebrate their holiday( Source : instagram )

Similarly, her step-father is super proud of her, he is always there for her. He cherished his children like no one else and ensured they were happy and in the right place.

She is extremely focused on her work and enjoys acting. Sophia's personality does not fit with being a teen in today's world, but it has expanded her range as an artist and an individual.

Lillis is a huge outdoor enthusiast with a soft spot for animals. She is the mother of her Crackle the cat and a proud owner of Gracie, an adorable bulldog puppy.

The actress was also named to RollingStone's 25 Under 25 list for her contributions to environmental and social causes.

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