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Soledad O'Brien takes a moment to talk with Catholic Herald Reporter Amy Guckeen after her lunch with students at Marquette University on February 7th.
Soledad O'Brien takes a moment to talk with Catholic Herald Reporter Amy Guckeen after her lunch with students at Marquette University on February 7th.( Source : twitter )

The gorgeous and delicate Soledad O'Brien working as a correspondent for CNN morning show Starting Point with Soledad OBrien was born in 19 September 1966 at Saint James, New York; USA. She is born to her parents who are both migrants. Her mother Estella who is a teacher of black high school in Cuba and her father Edward is a mechanical engineer belonging to a white Australian of Irish society. Consequently she is of mixed Hispanic ethnicity. She is the fifth of six children in her family. She has three elder sisters, one older and one younger brother as her siblings. She has affirmed an article based on subject related of being Black mother and Irish decent father. She is also renowned for her contribution in CNN Special Investigation Unit. She completed her graduation from Harvard University.

She is associated with CNN/US for several years since joining the association by the year 2003 and known as the exceptional correspondent conducting several shows for the channel. She has served the network by covering the breaking news occurred around the world and has created critically- applauded; smashing hit and award winning documentaries on the most significant issues that are taking place in the globe nowadays. She also reports the political news in the show named “Best Political Team on Television which is one of the part of CNN network. She also wrote a journal named as The Next Best Story: My Journey through the Land of Possibilities. The journal was actually based on the facts of her major covering flashes and how she related her childhood, education and her past that manipulated with these practices. This journal of her was well appreciated by both critics and publics.

The influential Brien always continued to support the Black community by producing the documentaries based on particular source. Recently, her several documentaries were launched including Black in America: The New Promised Land- Silicon Valley which is a summary that related to an accelerator plan extended to branch out the technology business by assisting the African- American digital industrialists safe financing for their business enterprises; Latino in America 2: In her Corner, the story based on female flyweight combatant and U.S Olympic expectant contestant Marlen Esparza; Beyond Bravery: The Women of 9/11, an analysis of female release employees lives who were the initials to react to the World Trade Center explosion and collapse; Don’t Fail Me: Education in America, the view  at the disaster in public learning system where children are not acquiring the essential knowledge to contend, and many more based on different issues.

She has presented the journal for Black in America concerning the issue based on the state of Black America after the continuous shelling of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. afterward within a year she covered the big story for Latino in America reviewing the lifestyle of Latinos in America. Later, she produced a documentary of four hours Black in America 2 that focused on victorious the public leaders who are recovering the lifestyle of African –Americans. She is associated with National Association of Black Journalists and National Association of Hispanic Journalist being a member for these foundations.

She has got simple yet astonishing looks to her. She was voted as the most beautiful people I world by People’s magazine in the year 2000. She has got the powerfully built establishment in her professional career. She is five feet and five inches tall. She is tough woman who would prefer to take a stand for discrimination that appears at any cause. She thinks highly of her job and realizes the circumstances to gaze away for her appearance. She knows her outfits well and prefers that fits her occupation genre, the dress-up that would admire towards her beauty. She has delicate facial shady skin tone and does not get along with extent retouch that would outshine her skin features.


She is a married woman. She has tied the knot with her husband Brad Raymond in 1995. The couple is blessed with four children Sofia Elizabeth Raymond (daughter), Cecilia Raymond (daughter) and twins’ son Charles Raymond and Jackson Raymond. She is living a blissful life spending time with her family. The couple together makes a good pair, they understand and support each other’s job and hence they are living a compatible life. The pair seems less likely to have divorce issue in their future. Also, the couple is having a good net worth.

She is carrying off her personal as well as professional life very well. She is at forty six years of her age and has achieved many honorable experiences throughout her life. She is hard working and sincere to her job thus she is being offered with attractive salary. The mixed income of both couples had been saved and indicated for their children’s requirement and fortune. Additional information and bio of Soledad OBrien can be gathered from wiki or other networking sites related with her links and updates.


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