Sofia Gomez and Brooklynne Tiktok Drama Explained Along With Their Relationship Timeline and Recent Break Up

Sofia Gomez is 18 years old.
Sofia Gomez is 18 years old.( Source : tiktok )

TikTok personality Sofia Gomez has put allegations against her ex-girlfriend Brooklynne of sexual assault which has brought about a huge wave in the social media world. 

Gomez currently has 5.5 million followers on her TikTok whereas Brooklynne is at 10.9. However, influencers want their fans to choose their idols correctly and immediately unfollow the offender.

Sofia Gomez and Brooklynne Tiktok Drama - Allegations Explained

Sofia Gomez and Brooklynne had been friends for quite some time. They would hang out together with a bunch of other friends, make YouTube videos and vlogs and give everyone friendship goals. 

It was later on, speculated that the two were dating even though nothing was confirmed. Both the TikTok stars had come out as lesbian, and this is what everyone decided. Fans loved them and were waiting for an official confirmation. However, things turned sour before anything could happen with one video posted by Sofia. 

A day earlier, she took TikTok to say that she was with Brooklyn one night, and she forced her to engage in sexual activity when only she wanted to sleep. The assault was consistent the whole night, crashing everything they had down. 

Sofia says that it literally broke her in a way that she took the courage to say what she was saying in the video. Further, the influencer addressed that she did not want anyone to get hurt. 

The comment section is filled with people supporting her and wishing for her to heal. Many netizens have expressed their dislike towards Brooklynne since the very beginning, even when everybody admired her. Some even call the entire scenario fishy as Sofia is getting all the limelight. 

Amid all this, Brooklynne is yet to make a statement. Her TikTok comments section is also filled, but people are seeking answers from her. Her last online activity was 3 days ago, and since then, she has kept herself tight-lipped. 

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Did Sofia And Brooklynne Break Up?

Yes, Sofia and Brooklynne did break up. This has been announced by Sofia in her video. She says she did not want to talk about it because of the way it ended, as she wanted nobody else to get hurt. 

Fans were already confused regarding their dating news, and this has added another confusion to the picture. However, it has been official that the girls are no longer together and have broken up due to a sexual assault allegation put by Sofia. 

Twitter has its own reactions to this. One of them tweets, "in case any of y’all follow her, please unfollow immediately. If you wanna know why, go to Sofia Gomez's recent video on TikTok."

Sofia Gomez and Brooklynne were dating.
Sofia Gomez and Brooklynne were dating.( Source : urlebird )

Similarly, another one tweets, "so xobrooklynne (Brooklynne Webb) from TikTok has been accused of sexual assault by her ex-girlfriend Sofia Gomez." 

In all this, a fellow web personality, Hailey Alyssa, made a video in support of Sofia. She asks everyone to unfollow Brooklynne and hopes that Sofia is healing. She further adds that she's been through situations like that, and she knew exactly how it felt.  Her DMs are always open for sexual assault victims everywhere, on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. 

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