Snowboarder: Chloe Kim's Heritage Explored -Who Are Her Parents? Details To Know

Chloe Kim celebrates her Korean heritage though she was born and raised in the U.S. Get more insiders into her personal life background here below!

Chloe Kim is the youngest woman to win an Olympic snowboarding gold medal in the 2018's Winter Olympics' women's snowboard halfpipe at 17 years old.

She is first the World, Olympic, Youth Olympic, and X Games champion in the halfpipe, having won a title in all of them.

A representative of the United States, she is one of the most-celebrated younger generations of sports personalities.

With such impressive wins behind her name, the young Kim is hopeful of winning another gold at the ongoing 2022 Winter Olympics.

Chloe Kim Heritage and Nationality:Where Is She From?

Chloe Kim's heritage comes from South Korea though she holds American nationality.

The record-setting snowboarder was born and raised in the U.S. all along and even grew up to represent the U.S. on international platforms.

Kim's parents are South Korean immigrants who moved to the U.S. in the 90s for better lives.

Hence, their snowboarding champion daughter was born in Long Beach, California, making her an American citizen by default.

Meet Chloe Kim Parents

Chloe Kim was born to her supportive parents; father Jong Jin Kim and Boran Yun Kim.

The Kim couple raised their daughter nearby Torrance.

Mr. Kim had even quit his job to drive an aspiring Chloe to the mountains for her training.

Moreover, he usually travels with her when she competes. Chloe started training in snowboarding at a very young age of four and had started competing when she was just six.

The Kim couple had always been together even when Chloe trained in Geneva, Switzerland when she was eight to ten years old.

Chloe Kim Net Worth Revealed

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Chloe Kim is estimated to hold her net worth figures around $400k.

Given her impressive career in snowboarding, Kim's earnings and lavish lifestyle in California are some of the most discussed topics in the media.

Follow Chloe Kim On Instagram

The amazing and inspiring Chloe Kim has a verified Instagram handle.

She has accumulated more than 744k followers at the moment.

Aside from her competition pictures, Kim is also involved in professional photoshoots and brand endorsements.

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