"The Queen" Actor SK Khoza aka SHAKA Is Trending For The Wrong Reasons! Drugs Controversy Explained

Let's find out about "The Queen" actor SK Khoza, aka SHAKA, who is trending in the media for the wrong reason.

According to reports, SK Khoza has spoken about his viral breakdown video. The actor had denied being under the influence of narcotics when the video was shot.

The former "The Queen" star can be seen insulting an unnamed man and making strange noises in the viral video. He said that he was unhappy when he behaved the way he did.

SK Khoza, the controversial actor, has once again found himself in the spotlight for the wrong reasons. This comes after a video of him yelling insults at a white guy went viral. It's unclear when or where the mentioned video was taken.

The video of SK Khoza, aka Shaka, has not been explained. Many people thought he was on drugs, but it seems like people are taking the video in the wrong way.

SK Khoza, who played Shaka in The Queen, can be seen storming at an unnamed white man and hurling abuse at him in the footage. He is overheard body-shaming the man and provocatively questioning him about his identity.

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SK Khoza Drugs Controversy

SK Khoza has spoken out about his viral meltdown video, in which he was behaving oddly and yelling at an unnamed man as others tried to calm him down.

When the video was shot, the former The Queen star denied being under the influence of narcotics, claiming instead that he was responding to unfair treatment.

Even though the award-winning actor believes that someone has rubbed him the wrong way, worried Mzansi fans still want him to get professional treatment.

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SK Khoza Baby Mamas: What Happened?

Meanwhile, this isn't the first time he's made the wrong kind of news. SK Khoza was detained last year after his ex-fiancée, Ayanda Hlongwane, accused him of domestic violence. Khoza and his then-fiancee got into a heated dispute.

The event finally came to light after Ayanda filed a case against him at the Douglasdale police station for assault with the intent to inflict severe bodily injury.

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