Fans Are Convinced Sister Monica Joan Is Leaving Call The Midwife

Sister Monica with the dog who she is friends with form episode 7 of season 12
Sister Monica with the dog who she is friends with form episode 7 of season 12( Source : twitter )

No, Sister Monica Joan is not leaving Call The Midwife. Monica was diagnosed with a severe case of hepatitis resulting in concern among fans.

Judy Parfiit plays the role of an elderly nun and portrays a character with a strong educational background and knowledge of literature.

Her character comes from a good family but is suffering from dementia which makes it very difficult for her to focus on reality.

The English actress made her debut in the movie industry in the 1950s. Judy was initially involved in theater work appearing in the play Fools Rush In.

Parfitt also appeared in The Jewel in the Crown for which she received her first BAFTA nomination and from then her career started to touch new heights.

Call The Midwife is one of the most successful drama series on BBC one. Currenlty, the show is running its twelve season and fans love every episode of it.

Is Sister Monica Joan Leaving Call The Midwife?

No, Sister Monica Joan is not leaving Call The Midwife. The concerns of her departure started after she was diagnosed with a life threatening disease.

She contracted hepatitis which caused swelling of the liver and is spreading in her body at a rapid pace.

Joan remained in bed at Nonnatus House for most of the episode as her loved ones were trying to make her healthy.

Her condition on the show was not appreciated by her fans as their favorite star role in the show might be at risk. 

The show's official Instagram page shared a picture of her before the episode aired where fans were her fans commented that they are obsessed with the show and the character of Monica.

She after being infected by hepatitis in the recent episode
She after being infected by hepatitis in the recent episode ( Source : twitter )

Whereas other show viewers were quick to react when they saw the episode and stormed Twitter with their opinion. One of the viewers wrote that they did not want to see her going away from the show.

While other viewers love the idea of her only narrating and love to see that happen in the show's new season.

This season of the show has been a rollercoaster ride for its viewers, and there are only a few episodes remaining before the finale.

The Last Episode Of The Series Was Full Of Suspense

The latest episode of the series shows starts with the excitement about the wedding of Trixie and Matthew. At the same time, sister Monica is shown to be infected by a disease.

Sister Veronica has designated herself as the person in charge of planning the wedding gifts, and Geoffrey Franklin, Trixie's brother, arrives from Malta and starts preparing the ideal hen do right away.

But as the wedding draws near, anxiety levels rise as several minor and major catastrophes threaten to ruin the big day.

Before Monica Joan was infected, she welcomed an unusual guest to Nonnatus House, a cute little dog. But a raven surprised Sister Monica Joan as it flew into Nonnatus House.

As the other midwives attempted to get the bird out of the building, the superstitious nun saw this as a bad omen.

Judy Parfitt during a scene featuring a dog
Judy Parfitt during a scene featuring a dog( Source : instagram )

Most of the episode saw the Sister trying to convince Dulcie to have the cancer treatment she needed but refused as she felt no purpose to her life.

This was until Sister Monica Joan reunited her with Dulcie's long-lost son Arnold and she decided to go through with the radiotherapy.

In the district, Dr. Turner also detects a concerning increase in hepatitis cases. When the Nonnatus House residents are directly affected by the outbreak, the team comes together to care for a cherished member.

Cyril, who has just returned from Jamaica, is eager to get to work when he gets home. He meets Leon, a young man suffering from addiction, while volunteering at a homeless shelter for men.

Who Are The Stars Who Left Call Of The Midwife?

The show has been one of the most loved series globally. It has popular names like Vanessa Redgrave, Laura Main, and Jenny Agutter among others.

From the start of the show in 2012 it has seen many of the stars being replaced and some of them are:

Miranda Hart

Miranda Hart played the role of Matron Camilla in the beginning years of the show. She left the show to focus more on the film industry.

Miranda during her 50th birthday celebration at the ditchling cabin
Miranda during her 50th birthday celebration at the ditchling cabin( Source : instagram )

She later appeared in blockbuster movies such as Spy and Jane Austen's adaptation. Her fans think that leaving the show to focus on movies was the best decision she took.

Jessica Raine

She played the character of Nurse Jenny but left the show in 2014. 

Raine has a successful career as she appeared in Garrow's Law and also was a part of the famous film Robin Hood.

Jessica shooting a scene in the the series Baptiste Episode 4.
Jessica shooting a scene in the the series Baptiste Episode 4. ( Source : instagram )

Her recent work includes the role of Genevieve Taylor in the BBC One drama series Baptiste.

Bryony Hannah

Bryony Hannah left the show to focus on her other work and her theatre career. 

She was in the drama series from 2012 to 2017 where she played the role of Cynthia Miller. Hannah left the show with three other actors while not shooting for the show next season.

She was also nominated for her acting in The Children's Hour by the Olivier Award show.

Ben Caplan

Ben Caplan was the policeman on the BBC show Call the Midwife from 2012 to 2017.

He left the show to diversify his career and also to take a break from the entertainment industry.

In an interview, he said that he is honored and proud to be a part of the whole journey and he will always remember the time there.

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