Shirley Chung Has A Chef Brother But No Its Not Jet Tila

Chef Shirley Chung started her brand new restaurant Ms Chi Cafe recently
Chef Shirley Chung started her brand new restaurant Ms Chi Cafe recently( Source : instagram )

Shirley Chung brother Brian Huskey is a Korean-American chef. Jet Tila and Shirley Chung are not related to one another.

Chung is a Chinese-American chef who is a familiar face to the viewers of Bravo's Top Chef. 

Chung has made her appearance on famous cooking shows such as Top Chef: New Orleans, Top Chef: Charleston, and Food Network's Tournament of Champions.

Currently, she has opened her own restaurant which she operates from Culver City near Downtown Los Angeles.

She is also the owner of Streamers Co. and Twenty Eight Resturant. 

Besides that, Chung is also the author of a cookbook called "Chinese heritage cooking from my American Kitchen: discover authentic flavors with vibrant, modern recipes". 

Shirley is married to Jimmy Lee since 2006. 

Shirley Chung Chef Brother Brian Huskey

Shirley Chung chef brother Brian Huskey recently opened his new restaurant The Jetty Beach Eats and Drinks. They are only related through food.

Brian Huskey was born to a Korean mother and an American father. His parents met each other when his father was posted in Korea with U.S Marines. He is one of three sons among his parents.

Brian is the owner of The Jetty Beach Eats and Drinks
Brian is the owner of The Jetty Beach Eats and Drinks( Source : instagram )

Thinking he would do some white-collar work, he studied Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of California, Los Angeles.

As a result of his passion for food, he joined California Culinary Academy. 

After graduating from California Culinary Academy, he worked for Rosewood Hotels & Resorts as Chef de Partie. 

Later he was called to be the Sous Chef for Patina Restaurant, where he worked for more than two years. 

Initially, he was reluctant but gave in and applied for the show. There he met many amazing chefs, and that is also where he met Shirley Chung.

Being fed with working for others, he opened a new restaurant called Tackle Box. Huskey made chef Chung his guinea pig for his recipe but she did find the taste very delightful. 

The two developed a close bond leading to Shirley denoting Brian as her chef brother.

Currently, he has opened a new eatery called The Jetty Beach Eats and Drinks. He is married and has a daughter named Lola.

Are Jet Tila and Shirley Chung Related?

No, Jet Tila and Shirley Chung are not related. Chung comes from China, while Tila's family comes from Thailand. 

Jet is a star chef known for his culinary skills and his anthropology work. He is also one of the star chefs for the Food Network Channel and the author of his cookbooks. 

Jet is the celebrity chef of Food Network
Jet is the celebrity chef of Food Network( Source : instagram )

Tila was born as the son of a restaurant owner. So from a young age, he had the opportunity to work and know of Asian cuisine.

His grandmother was a big inspiration for him in being a cook. 

Inspired by his family, he completed his culinary education at Le Cordon Bleu. Since his family's restaurant had a mixture of Thai and Chinese food, he gravitated toward them and represented his community through cooking. 

He was appointed and given the ceremonial title of culinary ambassador for Thailand by the Royal Thai Consulate-General in Los Angeles. 

Chef Shirley Chung Also Has A Sister

Shirley Chung sister Karen Chung is a physician. Karen is involved in the medical sector while Shirley is a chef.

Karen is the youngest child of the Chung family. She celebrates her birthday on November 3 every year. She was raised in Fermont, California.

From a young age, she was very eager to be a doctor. So, she studied Biology and Pre-medicine at the University of the Pacific.

Karen(middle) spending her time with her mother(left) and her sister(right) Shirley in Hawaii
Karen(middle) spending her time with her mother(left) and her sister(right) Shirley in Hawaii( Source : instagram )

After working as a barista for two years, Karen got an opportunity to work at UC Davis Medical Center at Surgery Research Lab.

After she graduated from the University of the Pacific, she left her work at UC Davis Medical Center. 

Later in 2018, she joined at UC Davis School of Medicine to complete her MD course. Only in 2022 did she completes her MD course and is now officially a doctor. 

She is also in a relationship with Galen Lai King and who is also a doctor by profession. The couple started dating in 2016 and has been in a relationship ever since. 

Chef Shirley Husband Jimmy And Married Life

Shirley Chung and husband Jimmy Lee got married on October 8, 2006. The couple celebrated their sixteenth anniversary recently.

Jimmy Lee celebrates his birthday on August 26. He comes from Rosemead, California.

He completed his high school at Rosemead High school. After graduating high school, he continued his studies at UC Santa Cruz. 

Jimmy spending time with his wife in Valentines day
Jimmy spending time with his wife in Valentines day( Source : instagram )

The couple met while they were both working in Silicon Valley in 2000. Later on October 8, 2006, they changed their relationship to husband and wife. 

Following her passion in cooking, Jimmy also left his high-level job in Silicon Valley to support her in her journey to become a masterful chef. 

On October 2022, the couple celebrated their sixteenth anniversary. Chef Chung posted photos of them throughout their marriage years.

Though the couple has been married for sixteen years, they have no children. To them, 'Ms Chi Cafe' is like their own child, and they both have been taking care of it. 

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