Who Is Shelby Foose? Lil Skies Shares An Unspoken Bond WIth His Mom, Here Are The Details

Lil Skies' mom Shelby Foose came into the limelight after Lil Skies shared his family details on social media. 

Lil Skies is the stage name of Kimetrius Christopher Foose. He is well-known for his rapping, singing, and songwriting abilities.

Aside from that, he was signed to All We Got Entertainment by Atlantic Records.

Shelby Foose, his mother, has piqued the interest of fans.

When it comes to his biggest hit, he has three songs that have charted at number 39, number 55, and number 69 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Because he did not have a record deal, Lil Skies began his career by uploading his songs to YouTube and SoundCloud.

Who Is Shelby Foose? Lil Skies Mom

Shelby Foose, Lil Skie's mother, is no stranger to the spotlight.

His Shelby documentary was recently uploaded to his and his mother's YouTube channels.

He is without a doubt one of the most successful rappers; his father was the driving force behind his success.

Michael, his father, was also a rapper who did small gigs and stage shows.

Shelby has also a lot of influence in her son's life, as she is a popular Esthetician, and has helped her son to be the best. 

She also has a youtube channel where she was seen uploading one of the blogs where she revealed a lot about her family. 

Lil's stage name was influenced by his father's stage name Dark Skies, but he failed to make it big as a rapper.

Because of his father, he will always have a passion for music.

Shelby Foose Age-How Old Is She?

Shelby Foose's age is estimated to be around 45-55 years old. 

She is an old woman now who has a son of age 23 years old. 

So it can be said that Foose is now old enough to be into her late 50s. 

Despite the publicity of Foose, there have not been many details about her birthday and other personal details in the media. 

She has kept her personal life out of the reach of the media to maintain her privacy with her life. 

What Is Shelby Foose Net Worth? 

Talking about Shelby Foose's net worth, it is estimated to be around a few hundred thousand dollars. 

Foose has not yet disclosed her exact net worth in the media, as it seems that she has chosen to keep it a secret. 

Yet, Shelby's son Lil Skies has amassed a huge amount of net worth with his rapping skills which have given him the amounts in millions of dollars. 

According to the celebrity net worth, Shelby's son Lil has around $3 million in his net worth.

Find Shelby Foose On Instagram

Shelby Foose has more than 12.1k followers on her isntagram account. 

She is a famous personality and has a good amount of followers based on Instagram. 

She has more than 343 posts, and most of them are about her family and her work as an Esthetician. 

Shelby Foose Family Detials 

Shelby Foose is married to her husband Michael Burton Jr. and her sons and her husband are his families. 

Foose has two children, one of Lil Skies and the other one is his sibling younger brother Kimetrius Foose, a rapper, and his stage name is Heartbreak Kid.

The family have been living together for a long time, but recently they have decided to be with their own free will, and are making the name for themselves. 

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