Shelby Bay Is The Newest Addition To Team Tracy Tutor On Million Dollar Listing

Shelby modelling for her friend who is a make up artist
Shelby modelling for her friend who is a make up artist( Source : instagram )

Shelby Bay on Million Dollar Listing is a real estate agent on Tracy Tutor team. Shelby works at Douglas Elliman Real Estate.

She is also a social media influencer as a lot of people follow her on Instgram and TikTok. Bay also modeled for several years before working as a real estate agent.

She moved from Michigan to Los Angeles to study Hospitality Management at the University of Nevada. Spending most of her time in fast-paced LA  has given her an edge in her career.

With being an influencer, she loves sharing photos and videos of places she travels. She also endorses several brands on her social media.

Shelby Bay Is A Real Estate Agent

Shelby Bay is a member of the Tracy Tutor team on Million Dollar Listing. Shelby believes that marketing makes the difference and that relationships seal the deal.

She stands apart from the competition thanks to her networking abilities. She attended the top institution in Las Vegas which taught her the ability to manage the busy schedule required for her profession.

Her proficiency in social media and more than 350K+ followers enable her to come up with innovative ways to express the needs of her clients to a large audience.

The realtor with her friends during their visit to fashion pass
The realtor with her friends during their visit to fashion pass( Source : instagram )

Bay can provide outstanding outcomes for her clients thanks to the Tracy Tutor Team's fashionable and successful marketing.

Moreover, she understands the importance of relationships and has a real passion and interest in finding people their home

She cares about her customers and puts in extra time and effort to ensure they have the best, easiest, and most enjoyable experience possible.

Bay is also a model for Newmark Models INC agency.

Shelby And Tracy Tutor Relationship

Shelby Bay works for Tracy Tutor and is a part of her team. The duo makes selling mansions and bungalows look easy.

Bay is relatively new in the real estate game but has managed to make a name for herself very quickly. She is one of Tracy's top team members.

The two met while they were in Mexico. They are big-shot realtors in Los Angeles.

Shelby and Tracy during their professional visit to Texas
Shelby and Tracy during their professional visit to Texas( Source : instagram )

They both are part of the reality show Million Dollar Listing where they work together to sell different properties to millionaires.

Bay and Tutor have sold hundreds of millions in residential real estate over the years and have landed many expensive real estate portfolios, including The Malibu Series collection by Scott Gillen and Atlantis The Royal in Dubai.

They continue to sell real estate in Los Angeles, nationally, and globally and update their followers through their social media.

Tracy Tutor Team

Tracy Tutor is one of the top agents at Douglas Elliman Beverly Hills and is an integral part of their Sports & Entertainment division for more than 22 years.

Her team has also been an important part of her success and some of them are:


Gina Dickerson born on East Coast began her real estate career 15 years ago and has been directly engaged in more than 500 residential and commercial sales transactions.

She takes great satisfaction in her unmatched service and attention to detail, whether it is working with a luxury house listing, a first-time homebuyer, or an experienced investor.

Gina while selling her last property before going to a vacation in august
Gina while selling her last property before going to a vacation in august( Source : instagram )

Several foreign buyers and sellers, including those from Australia, Singapore, and China, have joined her expanding clientele.

Gina's primary goal has always been to build enduring client connections based on dedication and accomplishments.


Rob joined the Buyers Agent on the Tracy Tutor Team after three years of experience as an assistant at Douglas Elliman.

He is from Connecticut and started working in the construction industry at a very young age. 

His in-depth understanding of buildings and construction is a bonus for him as his clients are usually quite impressed by the knowledge.

Rob distinguishes himeself by creating lasting connections with his clients and offering unparallaled services.. 


Tracy Tutor whole team during their summer BBQ event
Tracy Tutor whole team during their summer BBQ event( Source : instagram )

Andrew moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career after working for more than two years in the Hamptons.

He attended The University of Southern California, where he received a degree in Real Estate Development.

Andrew has had amazing real estate, architecture, and development opportunities due to his upbringing in Miami and his current residence in the Hamptons.

His superior market analysis skills and discriminating eye for design are the cornerstones of his success as a realtor.

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