Shea And Syd Mcgee Wikipedia Bio - Are They Mormons? Details About The Cast Of Dream Home Makeover

Shea and Syd Mcgee have interior design business
Shea and Syd Mcgee have interior design business( Source : thelist )

Shea And Syd Mcgee have a beautiful success story to share with their fans on Netflix's new release Dream Home Makeover.

They are married to each other and are the owner of an interior design and e-commerce business with seventy employees and clients worldwide.

Shea and Syd Mcgee are the host of Dream Home Makeover
Shea and Syd Mcgee are the host of Dream Home Makeover( Source : pimiso )

The couple is an interior designer who hosts the Netflix reality series Dream Home Makeover. They had started their business in a small room, and now they have brought miraculous design history.

Are Shea And Syd Mcgee Mormons?

Shea Mcgee graduated from Brigham Young University, a private researcher university. This university was owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or the Mormon Church.

Hence because she graduated from Brigham Young University, her fans wondered if Shea and Syd were Mormons.

Shea And Syd Mcgee Bio

The couple Shea and Syd Mcgee began their journey from scratch and had a humble beginning. Shea had a two-month baby with her when she desired her "little" design business to bloom. Then she launched the website and then made the Instagram account. Then, after her business started to grow exponentially, she thought to include Syd as her accomplice in her company.

At that time, Syd had already worked in digital marketing for six years. He was then looking to start his start-up. 


When they were launching their design firm, they were almost broken down. So, in a last attempt to save themselves from the financial crisis, Shea and Syd moved to Utah.

After years of owning Studio McGee and McGee and Co., the couple started the six-episode series Dream Home Makeover. The Studio McGee Youtube channel had more than 330000 subscribers for her tips on home improvement.

Dream Home Makeover series shows the home design skills of the couple and their family life. The couple wished to accomplish more. Then, the McGees teamed up with Threshold for Target to start their home decor line.

Shea had also released her new book, "Make Life Beautiful," written together with her husband.

What Is The Age Gap Between Shea And Syd?

Syd is around one year older than Shea. 

Syd was born on September 1, 1984, and his zodiac sign is Virgo. While in the other hand, Shea Mcgee's birth date is July 5, 1985, and her birth sign is cancer. As of 2022, Syd is 38 years old, and his wife, Shea, is 37.

Syd And Shea Mcgee's Children

The couple has three kids together. All of the kids are girls. Their daughter's name is Wren and Ivy. As of 2022, Wren is about eight years old, and Ivy's age is about six years. The couple had also announced that they welcomed their third baby girl on July 18, 2021.


The couple got married in 2008, and their wedding took place in Utah. Shea had met Syd through her brother. Syd was a friend of her brother. Syd and his siblings were moving home, and she went along to help them with their work while shifting the house. When the couple met each other, both of them were in college.

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