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Shayla Winn, currently a senior student in Thomas Dale High School is pursuing arts program. She suddenly lost her sight in September 2017.  She is now legally blind 17-year old girl and one of the amazing Top 20 contestants of American Idol Season 17.

Winn’s Early Life, Age and Education

Shayla was born on 29 November 2000 and raised in Chesterfield Country, Virginia. She owns an African-American citizenship. She is an 18-year old girl with radiant voice.

Unfortunately, she lost her eyesight in early 2018 (September 2017 to be exact) due to which she had to go through brain surgery where the fluid was drained and the cyst was mostly removed. Her doctors believed that her sight might have got better after the surgery, but it brought further bad situation. Winn’s right eye now has completely no vision and her left eye sees the world blur. During Shayla’s these darkest days, her mother has been her best support for her and has helped her to stand above in every phase.

She currently studies in Thomas Dale High School where she studies performing arts program.

Shayla’s boyfriend and relationship status


Shayla unlike other teenagers is not much interested in having any kinds of relationship affairs with boys. She is more focused and passionate about making her dream to become a popular singer in future rather being involved in any relationship.

She currently lives with her mother and elder sister whose names are still unknown to the general people. She likes travelling to different places with her mother and sister as mentioned in one of her recent interview.

 Professional career and her Instagram account

Winn by profession is a student and a songwriter. She is ambitious 18-year old with full enthusiasm in her to grow as a well-known singer star in coming days.

She sang “Make It Rain” song by Ed Sheeran and “Rise Up” by Andra Day in her auditions of American Idol.  She also performed stage acts in various platforms. She generally performs in her hometown.

Shayla’s Instagram name is “@shyalashayywinn” where she has posted lot of pictures and videos of her performing at various events and seminars. She is a talented teenager with a blessing of good voice and pure soul.

Shayla Winn Appearance- Complexion, Body and Hairstyles

Shayla is an attractive woman with black skin and brown eyes. She has a perfect body structure that makes her more radiant. She frequently keeps changing her hairstyles to wavy and straight. As per the pictures posted in her social accounts, anyone can assume that she has a sense in fashion and know how to get dressed well and proper.

How much do Shayla earns?

The total earnings and source of income of Shayla has been unknown but she might significantly earn some amount from the performance she performs in her hometown and by acting in plays in various plays at theater.

She is likely to grow as  a  well-know future singer of America with her the zeal and enthusiasm in future and might earn huge amounts in days coming.