Shanice Henderson Summer House Ex Boyfriend Norman Towns

Shanice Henderson is one of the participants of the show Summer House: Martha's Vineyard.
Shanice Henderson is one of the participants of the show Summer House: Martha's Vineyard.( Source : instagram )

Shanice Henderson Summer House ex boyfriend Norman Towns is an actor on HBO's Insecure. Shanice and Norman broke up in 2021.

Shanice has risen to fame due to her recent appearance on Bravo's reality tv show Summer House: Martha's Vineyard. She is one of the 12 participants in the show.

Summer House: Martha's Vineyard is the spinoff series of Bravo's original reality show Summer House. The format of the show is similar to the original show but the cast is more diverse.

Though Shanice currently resides in New York, she is from Arizona. She was born on April 8, 1992, in Phoenix, Arizona. She celebrated her 31st birthday with her friends.

In her high school days, she used to play basketball professionally. Though she may have been a pro player, she was quintessentially a party girl, according to Bravo.

It was because she used to work as a Playboy Club Bunny as a hostess in her earlier days. That was also where she met her castmates Bria Fleming, Jordan Emanuel and Jasmine Ellis Cooper.

Shanice From Summer House Dated The Insecure Actor

Shanice Henderson from Summer House ex boyfriend is Norman Towns. Norman played the role of Bennet in HBO's Insecure.

Though Shanice Henderson is currently single and looking for a new beau, she previously had been in a relationship with an emerging actor Norman Town in around 2021.

While she may have her heart broken from a previous relationship, she has not let her standards of the men that she would date lower down to get a date quickly.

Her standard among the men she will date must have two specific features. One, the guy must be tall. Two, the guys she dates must be athletic person.

And her previous beau Norman whom she had dated quite easily fits her criteria. But the pair were broken up due to the problem within their relationship.

Norman is not just an athletic individual but he is also an actor, comedian and producer. His recent rise in fame comes from his role in HBO's Insecure and the series The Affair.

Arizona born actor has also worked as comedian before entering filming
Arizona born actor has also worked as comedian before entering filming( Source : instagram )

Who Is Norman Town From Secure?

Towns was born in Los Angeles, California on December 26, 1985. But he was raised in Chandler, Arizona. The actor had completed most of his studies in business administration.

Only after he completed his major at the University of Providence in Montana he returned to his birthplace to pursue his career in acting and comedy entertainment.

The actor had already started to begin writing skits from the age of 14. Even before he joined the acting field, he was working as a stand-up comedian for 4 years prior to his first role.

The Chandler-raised actor first started out acting in a famous boxing player Muhammad Ali's documentary called I Am Ali. He played the role of Young Ali in the documentary.

His recent fame comes from his role in HBO's Insecure as his role as Bennett. Though his contribution to the movie is not much, he made his appearances in 4 episodes.

In the series, Bennett goes by the name BJ. He is still a mysterious figure in the series. Though his origin is not much clear, he is sure to have some juicy backstory along with storylines.

Shanice and Norman Drama Explained

Norman Town and Shanice Henderson had quite a relationship drama before the duo got separated.

Actor Norman is quite a good-looking guy who can win the hearts of young women quite easily all over the world. Besides his good looks, he is also quite an athletic person.

According to Reality Titbit, Norman was dating Shanice in 2021. He had been in a relationship with her for some time and everything was going well within their relationship.

During their relationship staying at each other's house had been a normal activity for both of them. But one day, the actor saw messages on her computer that shocked him.

The person with whom he was dating was having physical relationships with others too.

The actor was stalked by his ex-girlfriend for more than 6 months.
The actor was stalked by his ex-girlfriend for more than 6 months.( Source : instagram )

Besides him, Henderson seems to have had private moments with some other guys before their relationship and even after it had been some time since both had begun dating.

One might find it okay if they were in an open relationship but Towns was not interested in that kind of relationship and was definitely not okay with his girlfriend having other relationships.

Not wanting to have any more thoughts about it, he broke up with Shanice and left her immediately. Towns definitely didn't want to have any kind of contact with Shanice.

While Towns did not want to associate with Henderson, Henderson did not take their breakup properly. Slowly, Shanice began to harass the actor in many ways.

Shanice was quite persistent in her pursuit of Norman even though their relationship was over.
Shanice was quite persistent in her pursuit of Norman even though their relationship was over.( Source : instagram )

She began to stalk the actor, either it is through her physical presence or through social media. Even though he blocked all her numbers, emails, and social media, that never worked for him.

She somehow managed to come back with another ID and harass him. The actor even had to change his phone number multiple times just to stop her from reaching him.

But that was just a blip as a roadblock for Henderson. The actor even stayed in a hotel because she had begun sleeping outside his house.

Finally, he filed more than 7 complaints with the police against her, but that just seemed to provoke her more. After harassing him for more than half a year, the madness finally calmed down.

While the drama did stop, it only benefitted Shanice as she received more followers on her social media accounts.

Shanice Henderson Has Gained Mixed Reactions From Fans

Shanice Henderson from Summer House has received many mixed reactions from the viewers. Even then she has an unflinching attitude.

With the appearance of Shanice on the reality show Summer House: Martha's Vineyard, she has many fans questioning who was Shanice Henderson. Many were curious about her.

Many Redditers had found out about the relationship between Shanice and Norman and they are pretty scared about how the relationship between those two ended after their breakup.

The new reality accepted the accusation by her ex-boyfriend put on her.
The new reality accepted the accusation by her ex-boyfriend put on her.( Source : instagram )

Actor Norman had posted about the situation he had been harassed by the new reality star before. All of the stories that he had posted had been published in an article.

Many didn't have the courage to finish the article. Some just thought that the actor just lying to get some publicity. But after looking at all the pictures and evidence, they had more than enough.

Initially, many viewers also thought that the accusation of Shanice is just some made-up lies but looking at all those photos, they believed the actor.

Even some of the castmates of the show tried to justify that the post was fake but Shanice accepted that she had done some of those things without regret. Her friends were a bit embarrassed about it.

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