Does Senator Tim Scott Have A Wife? Viewers Wonder If He Is Married As He Promotes His New Book

South Carolina Senator, Tim Scott
South Carolina Senator, Tim Scott( Source : votetimscott )

South Caroline Senator Tim Scott has become the new hot topic after news of the release of his new book, America, A Redemption Story spread, making everyone wonder if he is running for Presidency in the future.

With the attention the politician is gaining from his book, many people are also curious to know if the Senator is married or not, raising questions about the sexuality of the leader.

Let us learn more about the US Senator, his marital status and sexual orientation, and details on his new book and background.

Does Senator Tim Scott Have A Wife? Is He Married or Gay?

No, Senator Tim Scott is not married and does not have a wife, but this does not mean that he is gay. His sexual orientation is straight, as he expressed his wish to have a family with his wife and six children.

Also, he is an evangelical protestant, so as a conservative church member, teh politician does not support gay marriage and union.

Senator Tim Scott with his team at the White House
Senator Tim Scott with his team at the White House( Source : nyt )

The South Carolina senator once said in an interview that he wanted to get married and have a wife and children, but being a faithful son who was busy caring for his mother, he never had the time to find a partner. Tim revealed that his lifelong dream as a child was to be able to take care of his mother later, for she had taken care of him all his life.

Currently, the politician is busy with his work as a Senator, an author, and a member of the Seacoast Church, where he is a former board member.

Senator Tim Scott's New Book: 'America, A Redemption Story'

Apart from being a republican politician, Senator Tim Scott is also a successful businessman and author who recently announced the publication of a new book named America, A Redemption Story.

The politician has published five books, starting with The Road to Redemption in 2004. His new book is about choosing hope and creating unity in this day and age to achieve the American dream.

Politician Tim Scott's new book cover
Politician Tim Scott's new book cover( Source : gstatic )

However, some content from the copyright page of his book has caused an outroar making people question if the Senator is running for President. The text on his copyright page suggests that the book is a political memoir of the politician, which includes his core messages for his presidential bid in 2022.

When asked about the writings, the Senator denied plans of standing for the Presidency and acted surprised at the statement on the book's cover.

He further explained that the writing was a mistake on his team's side and that he and his team would correct it as the book came out on August 9.

Where Is Tim Scott From?

Senator Tim Scott came from a working-class family from North Charleston, South Carolina, raised by his mother, Frances Scott, who was a nursing assistant.

Senator Tim Scott with his family
Senator Tim Scott with his family( Source : twitter )

The politician's mother divorced his father, Ben Scott Sr. when he was only seven years old and raised Tim and his brother working 16 hours a day.

Through his mother's sacrifice, his brother and Scott grew up well, earning a proper education degree. Now, Tim's dream is to take care of his mother in return for all the sacrifices she made for him.

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