Savannah Brockhill Prison Sentence And Trial Update- Everything On Partner of Star Hobson's Mother

Savannah Brockhill, who murdered her partner's 16-month-old daughter after months of "neglect, cruelty, and injury," has been sentenced to at least 25 years in prison.

Savannah Brockhill, her mother Frankie Smith's "violent-tempered" partner, inflicted "catastrophic" injuries on Star Hobson.

Mrs. Justice Lambert, the judge, stated that the youngster was "caught in the crossfire" of the couple's toxic relationship.

Learn about Savannah Brockhill Prison Sentence And Family

Savannah received a 25-year sentence for causing Star's death, while her girlfriend Star received an 8-year term.

Star had experienced a campaign of physical and psychological abuse at the hands of the pair, who had managed to elude police and social services despite five referrals from worried family members, according to a seven-week trial.

Mrs. Justice Lambert told the duo during their sentencing that they had "both acted in a harsh and heartless manner" towards the youngster, who had been the subject of "pointless and self-absorbed rows" as they grew obsessed by their turbulent relationship.

According to the court, Brockhill's "fatal punch or kick" administered with "the power of a car accident" on September 22, 2020, injured Star's internal organs and caused severe internal bleeding.

However, the severe attack was "not an isolated occurrence," and "many additional injuries were detected on Star's corpse" after her death, including two brain injuries and fractures to her skull, ribs, and shinbone.

Where Is Frankie Smith Partner Now?

Savannah Brockhill is serving a 25-year sentence in jail after being convicted of murdering the infant.

In the months leading up to her death, the Smiths' family and friends were more concerned about the bruises they noticed on the small girl and filed several complaints with social services.

Social services lost five opportunities to apprehend her assailants in the months leading up to Star's killing on September 22, 2020.

In each case, Brockhill and Smith were able to persuade social workers that the markings on Star were unintentional or that the allegations were made deliberately by someone who did not approve of their relationship.

Prosecutors characterized her injuries as "utterly horrific" and "unsurvivable." 

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