Where Is Sarah Hyland From - What Is Her Ethnicity? Details We Know About The Actress

Actress Sarah Hyland at the People's Choice Awards
Actress Sarah Hyland at the People's Choice Awards( Source : instagram )

News of Modern Family star Sarah Hyland's wedding with her long-term boyfriend, Wells Adams, has everyone talking about the cute couple and a Modern Family reunion at their wedding.

Sarah and her newlywed husband Wells went public with their relationship in 2017 and got engaged three years ago. The actress hinted at her wedding with gorgeous pictures of her and her beau wearing a beautiful white dress.

Let us learn more about the actress, starting with her ethnicity and background, health update, age, and social media presence.

Sarah Hyland Ethnicity: Where Is She From?

Sarah Hyland was born in Manhattan, New York, to actors Melissa Canaday and Edward James Hyland to a family with mixed ethnic backgrounds.

Although her parents and herself were born in America, her great grandparents were from Scotland and Ireland. So she does have some ethnic connections to Irish, English, and Scottish people.

Apart from that, according to Ethnic Celebs, she also has ties to Durch, Welsh, and German ethnic groups based on her ancestry on both her mother's side of the family and her father's.

Health Update On The Actress's Kidney Transplant

Actress Sarah Hyland has been open to the media and her fans about her health issues in the past few years, about her failing kidney, or her mental health struggles.

Sarah got diagnosed with Kidney Dysplasia at a very young age, resulting in her getting a kidney transplant from her father at age 21. Although it was a model option, the kidney failed after a few years.

This time her brother donated his kidney for a transplant in 2017. The incident took a toll on the young actress, who had been hospitalized often due to the disease and blamed herself for rejecting her father's kidney.

Hyland still has to be on regular anti-rejection medicines to ensure that her body does not reject the second kidney, which has left her with the need to be on the best rest many times.

Sarah opened up about her health and depression from thinking of herself as a burden on her family to the media and the public to be a role model to others suffering from the same diseases.

She wanted other youngsters to have someone to look up to and relate like she wished she had someone to look up to as a child when she suffered from her disease.

The actor seems much more stable now with plenty of rest and medications and looks full of life and gorgeous in her wedding pictures with her husband.

Modern Family Star Sarah Hyland's Age Revealed

Born to a popular family in Manhattan, New York City, on November 24, 1990, Sarah Hyland is currently 31. The actress started her career at seven years old as a child actress starring in the movie, Private Parts.

Sarah Hyland as Haley in Modern Family
Sarah Hyland as Haley in Modern Family( Source : hearstapps )

Born in a family of actors, she attended Professional Performing Arts School and already had some natural talent from her genes. The combination was great as she went on to star in one of the most popular sitcoms, Modern Family.

Despite her health issues and struggles, Sarah received a lot of fame as Haley Dunphy on the family sitcom, which got her some outstanding appraisals and some awards.

Meet Sarah Hyland On Instagram

With her on-screen character getting a lot of love, Sarah Hyland earned a lot of followers on her Instagram, with over 9.6 million followers now.

The actress is very active on her social media, posting gorgeous pictures of herself and updating her fans on her new projects and mundane stuff.

Recently, she posted pictures of herself in a white wedding dress with her boyfriend for her wedding photoshoot, and the images have over 400,000 likes.

Sarah loves to show off her boyfriend, now husband, on her social media and share cute pictures of her and her friends on vacation.

The actress also has some paid partnership posts and sponsorships on her Instagram page, and all her fans love her content on social media and on-screen.

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