What is Buying Beverly Hills' Santiago Arana Net Worth?

Santiago Arana is one of the real estate agents in Netflix's New Buying Beverly Hills
Santiago Arana is one of the real estate agents in Netflix's New Buying Beverly Hills( Source : givebackhomes )

Santiago Arana has an impressive net worth of more than $2 billion.

He is a real estate veteran who joined The Agency on the Westside in 2014. Moreover, he is also the managing partner of the Beverly Hills Agency.

Furthermore, Arana of The Agency has spent the last seven years on The Hollywood Reporter's list of LA's Top 30 Real Estate Agents. From busboy to nationally ranked real estate agent, The Agency's managing partner exemplifies an unwavering determination to succeed.

Throughout his career, he has amassed a massive net worth and amassed a great deal of wealth. 

Quick Facts About Santiago Arana

NameSantiago Arana
WifeKyle Arana
Net WorthAbove $ 2 billion

1. Santiago Arana Has Amashed Net Worth Over $2 Billlion

Santiago Arana's total net worth is estimated to be more than $ 2 billion USD as of 2022.

Interestingly, DIGS Influencers interviews Santiago Arana of The Agency about how he turned $120 in his pocket into $4 billion in real estate.

Furthermore, it also revealed how he gained wealth working with A-List clients from all over the world, all while starting out as a waiter in a classic American Dream story. According to reports, his business more than doubled in 2016, with sales volume exceeding $ 305 million, and then increased to $420 million in 2017.

In addition, Recent sales include a $35 million Bel Air home, a $23.8 million Beverly Hills Post Office home (or $2,262 per foot), a $20 million Sunset Boulevard home, a $23 million Santa Monica home, and a $23 million Malibu Park home.

Lady Gaga, Larry David, "Bond King" Jeffrey Gundlach, and Alessandra Ambrosio are among Arana's celebrity clients. Arana built a $23 million Brentwood mansion that he sold to LeBron James last year. He has already amassed over $2 billion in career sales while still in his 30s.

Santiago Arana has a huge net worth exceeding $2 billion in 2022
Santiago Arana has a huge net worth exceeding $2 billion in 2022( Source : elevatedmagazines )

2. Santiago Arana Is Expert Of New Constructions In Beverly Hills

Santiago Arana of The Agency grew up in Bolivia and moved to Los Angeles as a waiter before becoming one of the area's most influential and highest producing Realtors in the country.

Additionally, Bolivian-born realtor Arana specializes in high-end residential real estate and new construction in Beverly Hills.The company has firms in Westside offices in Brentwood and Pacific Palisades,

Similarly, Channel Road, which was used in Beverly Hills Cop, sold for $23 million in July, making it one of Santa Monica's most expensive sales to date.

"I'm having by far the best year of my career," Arana says. He also represented the buyer of Michael Strahan's $21.5 million Brentwood home and Lady Gaga in the sale of Dan Romanelli's Malibu estate for $23 million.

3. Santiago Arana Is Married With Wife, Kyle Arana

Santiago Arana is a happily married man to his lovely wife, Kyle Arana. 

As per the reports, the couple has been married for several years and has a wonderful relationship. Santiago and his wife Kyle Arana, who are originally from Sucre, are making significant contributions to Santiago's home country.

Together, the two have funded the construction of a complete home for the Soto family in Bolivia. The family will soon have a clean, safe home to call their own thanks to Santiago and Kyle's generous contribution. Furthermore, he balances hard work and a winning attitude with self-care.

In the same way, he balances his time with his family and work. "I work really hard, but I also make time for myself," he says. "People will perceive that you are not in alignment with yourself if you are not working within."

Santiago with his wife Kyle Arana and children when they were out skiing during the winter
Santiago with his wife Kyle Arana and children when they were out skiing during the winter( Source : elevatedmagazines )

4. Santiago Arana Parents Are Supportive

Santiago Arana was born in Bolivia to supportive parents. Furthermore, he was born in 1980, according to reports. He was only 23 years old when he moved to the United States in 2003.

According to his interview, when he moved to the United States, he had no family members, close friends, or relatives. Nonetheless, despite his enormous success in real estate, he has maintained a good relationship with his parents. He also posts beautiful photos of his family on his social media profiles.

Talking about his social media, he is available on instagram under the user ID @santiagoarana. He currently has over 35.8 K followers. He is following 714 people and at the moment he has shared 1609 posts.

5. Santiago Arana Holds Job Of Top Real Estate Agent

As previously stated, Santiago Arana worked as a waiter in Los Angeles prior to entering the real estate industry. However, those early days, when Santiago Arana was busing or waiting tables and dreaming big, will never be forgotten: "Every day I think about them," he says.

Likewise, the Bolivian native who came to the United States for a short time to learn English but decided to stay when he discovered his calling in real estate.

Furthermore, he was a member of the team that sold author-screenwriter Victoria Foyt's and director Henry Jaglom's Santa Monica home at 609 E. Santiago Arana is a Managing Partner at The Agency and one of Los Angeles' most prominent real estate agents.

Some FAQs

Who is Santiago Arana's wife?

Santiago Arana is married to his wife Kyle Arana.

What is Santiago Arana's net worth?

Santiago Arana has a net worth exceeding $2 billion.

How old is Santiago Arana?

Santiago Arana is currently 42 years old.

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