Is Samthing Soweto Sick? Before And After Photos Of Singer, Illness Update

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Let's find out about the weight loss of Samkelo Mdolomba, better known as Samthing Soweto, who is a singer and composer.

Samthing Soweto's debut album, This N That Without Tempo (2010), was published after he left the band The Soil. It blends a capella with soul.

For his second album, Isphithiphithi (2019), he diverged from the sound of his debut album, including fusions of Afro-pop, amapiano, and R&B, which was certified platinum by the Recording Industry of South Africa RiSA.

He dropped out of school in eighth grade due to dyslexia. Samthing began using Mandrax at the age of 15 and became involved in criminal activity to get away from the problems he was having at home.

Samthing Soweto Weight Loss

Fans have noticed the weight loss of Samthing Soweto and the singer seems to have lost weight these days.

Samthing Soweto, a popular South African musician health appears to be deteriorating.

According to, some people claim that the artist suffers from diabetes and is following the example of actress Sophie Ndaba, who faced the same situation when she began losing weight.

What Happened To The South African Singer? Samthing Soweto Health Update

The current health status of Samthing is hard to tell because, looking at the image, he appears to be fine, but we are not sure of the story behind his health.

Samthing's before and after images can be seen on his Instagram, which he has registered under the username @samthingsoweto.

Instagram post of Samthing Soweto which made fans more serious about regarding his weight
Instagram post of Samthing Soweto which made fans more serious about regarding his weight

He posted photographs of his new haircut on social media and asked his fans to review the barber. Unfortunately for him, the majority of his fans criticized him, saying he looks awful and questioning if his barber is a transformation make-up artist.

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Learn More About Samthing Soweto

Samthing Soweto debuted alongside musician Spoek Mathambo and bassist Shane Cooper on the Coca-Cola-sponsored live-music television series Coke Studio Africa in 2015.

He made his debut in May 2017 when he was featured on the Sun-El Musician song "Akanamali."

For the album, Samthing released four songs, one of which, "Akulaleki" (featuring Sha Sha), reached number one on the local Apple Music chart.

The song "Akulaleki" was awarded gold status. Isphitiphithi won the Best Afro Pop Album award at the 26th South African Music Awards presentation.

He announced his future live album in early January 2022, which will be recorded in the second quarter of that year.

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