Samantha Fontana Howard Stern Mom Cathy Pitegoff Has Won All Our Hearts

Samantha's mom Cathy is a Head of Production Havas New York Studio from January 2019
Samantha's mom Cathy is a Head of Production Havas New York Studio from January 2019( Source : instagram )

Samantha Fontana mother Cathy Pitegoff was the Head of Production at Havas, New York. Cathy has appeared on Howard Stern show regularly.

Samantha Fontana is an American actress, writer, and producer. She is well known for Television series like Casting, Totally Opposites, and Your Main Thing.

Fontana is the wife of Ophthalmologist Dr. Nikola Ragusa and shares two beautiful kids. 

Her mother is a reputed Business Affair Consulting Specialist and head of production at Havas. They share a great bond as a mother and daughter.

The actor and her mother are die-hard East Village women. She was born and raised in Lower Manhattan in New York City(East Village) and can't imagine growing up in any other place. 

Samantha Fontana Mother Cathy Pitegoff

Samantha Fontana mom Cathy Pitegoff is a Business Affair Consulting Specialist. Cathy is a favorite of all Howard Stern cast members.

She is well known in the advertising community for her vast production and business affairs knowledge and is extremely straightforward regarding the business of production.

Cathy has also got quite the fan base, she got into the limelight through the ranks at Havas New York from Director of Business Affairs to Havas' Head of Production and oversaw the entire in-house production studio operation.

As per Linkedin, she started her career as a radio newscaster and reporter and went on to work in music production for the children's Television Workshop Sesame Street.

After that, she became a co-director of Broadcast Production and Business Affairs and worked there for a decade long.

Sam's mom also worked for Young and Rubicam as a Senior Broadcast Manager for almost two years before moving to Havas.

Cathy has spent most of her career in business affairs and has developed a niche for negotiating large multi-service celebrity contracts and licensing songs.

She thrives on a challenge and has a proven track record of obtaining intellectual property approval in what most would consider impossible time frames.

Cathy’s background is varied ranging from writing and on-air news casting, location scouting, production company managing and producing, music session contracting for Sesame Street, and dabbling as an actor in soap operas and commercials.

Who is Sam on Howard Stern Show?

Sam is a staff on The Howard Stern show, loved by both the fans as well as colleagues. She is occasionally seen along with Howard Stern and other cast members.

Co-host and news anchor Robin Quivers, writer Fred Norris, and executive producer Gary Dell'Abate are among the other notable staff members.

As per the comment thread, fan loves the funny and quirky nature she presents during the show, they love hearing their conversation and fun moment.

She has been part of the show for a very long and recently she made her mother in limelight in one of the episodes of Uber rating on Stern Show Staff.

Fontana had the lowest rating in Uber and she claims it could happen because of her mother. Her mother uses her account and is fairly chatty person.

Her mother also appeared on the show and justified her behavior as she likes to know more about the drivers.

In the end, she said that she loves her mother but she uses her account, and because of her constant knack for asking things of the driver the rating is low, and the episode is viral after her statement.

Samantha is an American actress, writer and producer
Samantha is an American actress, writer and producer( Source : instagram )

The Howard Stern Show is hosted by Howard Stern. It is an American talk radio show.

From 1986 to 2005, the show was nationally syndicated on terrestrial radio and gained widespread acclaim.

Since 2006, the show has been available only on Sirius XM Radio, a subscription-based satellite radio service. The stern show has got its own fan base.

Samantha Fontana Is A Married Woman

Samantha Fontana is married to husband Nikola Ragusa. He is a New York-based eye surgeon by profession.

He is a highly experienced laser cataract surgeon and glaucoma expert at New York Opthalmology. He is dedicated to making excellent eye health and medical care available for all his patients. 

Nikola has completed the prestigious seven-year program at the CUNY Medical School and graduated with top honors from the Downstate School of Medicine.

He was previously the chief resident for his ophthalmology residency at Northwell Health, as well as the chief glaucoma fellow at the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary.

Samantha Husband is a laser cataract surgeon and glaucoma expert at New York Opthalmology
Samantha Husband is a laser cataract surgeon and glaucoma expert at New York Opthalmology( Source : instagram )

The Eye Surgeon and the actress share two children named Bruce Ragusa and Sonny Ragusa. He is a proud father of two kids.

Samantha's husband loves spending time with them and taking care of them.

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