Sam Carlson Port Protection Net Worth 2023

Sam is one of fan favorite cast of Port Protection.
Sam is one of fan favorite cast of Port Protection. ( Source : facebook )

Sam Carlson Port Protection has a net worth of $500 thousand as a fisherman and trapper. Sam joined the cast in 2015.

The fisherman is one of the well-known stars of Life Below Zero: Port Protection, who has been leading the show and is one of the fan favorites.

Sam came for this show in 2020 with the rebranded title name. 

Sam's full name is Samuel Carlson. He was born on March 24, 1960, in the woodland regions of Alaska.

From a young age, he has been living and surviving in this region of Alaska and he has been taught to survive since he was the age of 12.

For more than 50 years, he has been living his life in the forest around Port Protection where he has been commercially fishing, trapping, building compounds and raising his family. 

The star is also happily married and has raised two sons in this region. One is Matt and another is Kelly.

From working in these woodlands, Sam has earned his worth which is extremely difficult for some.

Sam Carlson Port Protection Net Worth

Sam Carlson from Port Protection has a total net worth of $500 thousand. Sam is one of the high-earning members of the show. 

Sam has been the cast of the Port Protection since 2015. Since then he has appeared in more than 30 episodes. To be exact, 38 episodes to date.

It has been reported that each cast member of Port Protection is given a total of $4,500 for each episode they star in the show. 

From the beginning of the Port Protection series, the show has already had eight seasons made and 82 episodes created.

Sam has a member of the cast since 2015
Sam has a member of the cast since 2015( Source : facebook )

So, out of 82 episodes, Sam has been able to appear on 38 episodes shows in total, which has helped him to earn more than $172 thousand just from the show.

Other than that, he is also one of the guides for the Alaska Rainforest Sanctuary on the company called Kawanti Adventures.

The company is made up of locals who share their love for Alaska. The normal package for the guide work is $200 per person. 

From the commercial fishing that the people of Port Protection do, they rake in an average of $64,835 per year. This has helped Sam to raise his earnings.

How Does Sam Carlson Make His Money?

Sam Carlson makes his most money through the show Port Protection. Other than that, he earns his income through fishing.

Sam's income from each episode rakes him $4,500 per episode. He has appeared on 38 episodes since the inaugural of the show at the beginning in 2015. This has helped him bring more than $170,000 just from the show. 

Other than that, he is a fisherman by his original profession. According to ZipRecruiter, the proficient fisherman in Alaska makes up to $38 per hour. Though that is made by only about 2% of people. 

Sam is one of the oldest and most experienced fishermen in the area. So, he can earn up to $1,520 per week and $6,080 per month. This helps him to earn more than $70 thousand per year. 

Sam has been living in Alaska for more than 50 years.
Sam has been living in Alaska for more than 50 years. ( Source : youtube )

Along with that, he also works as a guide for Kawanti Adventures. The adventure provides services from the sky, the zip line, behind the wheel and the trail making people experience the true living style and feel of Alaska. 

Each person to take the tour needs to pay about $200 per person. Since the beginning of the show in 2015, more people have begun to go to Port Protection to get away from the busy life of the city and just relax in the wilderness. 

This also has helped Sam to make the money needed to make his survival fruitful in the woodlands of Alaska. 

Sam And His Sons Appear on Port Protection

Sam Carlson has two sons from his wife, Matt Carlson and Kelly Carlson. Both are living their life of their own. 

Sam's eldest son is Matt. Matt is also one of the stars of the Port Protection show and Sam's co-star.

His son grew up in Port Protection but later moved out of the area to live with his ex-wife Kaylee and his daughter Shipley in Seattle for their daughter. 

Due to some dispute in their marriage, the pair are already divorced and Matt returned to his hometown where he rejoined the show. This date he has appeared on 24 episodes along with his father and spends quality time with him. 

Though he was taught by his father all the survival skills he displayed in the show, he has created his unique style to approach hunting.

This has helped him to create a unique image of himself as different from his father among the fans of the show. 

Sam's son Matt & Kelly together in Port Protection.
Sam's son Matt & Kelly together in Port Protection.( Source : facebook )

Aside from being a cast member of the show, he also works as a guide at Alaska Rainforest Sanctuary. Aside from that, he is also the captain of Baranof Fishing, one of the sport fishing ships in the Port Protection area. 

Sam's youngest son has taken a different route from his father's teaching. He is a musician who currently lives in Seattle.

There he plays for the band Raw Dogs as the bassist for the band. He uses Kelly Carcinogen as his stage name in the band shows. 

He is currently married to his wife, Celeste Mora Carlson, whom he married in November 2018. Kelly was recently sighted in the show due to Sam's health issue but after Sam recovered from his illness, Kelly is back to work on his band. 

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