Who Is Salt Papi On Tiktok? Real Name And Age Details Of The Social Media Star

Salt Papi at the latest KSI event
Salt Papi at the latest KSI event ( Source : twimg )

Salt Papi is the rising boxing and TikTok star who recently had a victorious match with Andy Warski at KSI’s boxing event, destroying his opponent 29 seconds into the game with an instant KO.

TikToker gained a lot of recognition through his content on the video-sharing platform, but with his recent win at the event, Papi’s reach has significantly increased.

Let us learn more about the rising TikTok star, his real name, age, and height, and check if the star is active on other social media platforms like Instagram.

Tiktok: Who Is Salt Papi?

Salt Papi is a TikToker who posts boxing videos on his account and some funny reaction videos. He is a British boxer with over 3.8 million followers on TikTok with over 111.5 million likes on his account.

Papi is a Filipino boxer born and raised in England who is best known for his comedic expression and funny skits about boxing with his fellow athletes.

The boxer started his TikTok career with dance videos and tutorials, with his first video being a running glitch tutorial. Most of his earlier videos were comedy skits or duet reaction videos.

His earlier videos were all about him faking the running glitch, but later, he started posting more of his training videos and got into boxing.

In the past few months, his content shifted from reaction and comedy skits to mostly boxing-related and gym-related content, with him preparing for his big fight at KSI’s event.

His recent fight was a massive success as he won the game and gained much attention with a KO soon into the match.

Real Name Of The TikToker

The Tiktoker who goes by the name Salt Papi’s real name is Busta Breezie. The creator is from England and has British citizenship but is of a Filipino ethnic background.

Starting his career on TikTok imitating the famous Salt Bae, he named himself Salt Papi. His content gained a lot of followers, with his fake running glitch video going viral.

British boxer and TikToker Salt Papi
British boxer and TikToker Salt Papi( Source : wp )

Comments started piling up, asking him to make more funny moves like the Naruto run, and he gave his audience what they wanted. He started making tutorials and coming out with more entertaining content.

Soon, his channel grew with immense interactions and reactions. Breezie’s funny Asian guy facial expressions helped the creator boom in the social media world.

Age And Height Of The Boxer

Busta Breezie, also known as Salt Papi, was born on February 24, 1994, and is currently 28 years of age, standing tall at height of 5 feet and 6 inches.

The 28-year-old started his TikTok journey in early January 2021 and, in only a year, has accumulated over 2.8 million followers.

Starting with comedy videos, Salt Papi took his audience through his journey of training for boxing and his transformation. The boxer confidently shares his childhood pictures calling himself a chubby young boy but is proud of where he is today.

Salt Papi’s Instagram Revealed

Apart from TikTok, Salt Papi is also active on his Instagram, where he goes by the same username as his TikTok account, @theofficialsaltpapi.

According to his Instagram bio, he works under the LFM management team as a video creator and the Happy Punch Promo management team as a boxer.

Currently, the web star has over 359k followers on his Instagram with 775 posts and is following 6340 people. Breezie loves to share his TikTok videos on his Instagram page as well.

Most of his content on Instagram are reels and videos from his TikTok, along with some boxing training and matches from his recent days.

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