Safe Word Tubi Cast With Moriah Brown and Gavin Houston In Lead Roles

Tubi TV new Safe Word has premiered on March 30, 2023.
Tubi TV new Safe Word has premiered on March 30, 2023.( Source : youtube )

Safe Word Tubi cast consists of Moriah Brown and Gavin Houston in lead roles. Safe Word is a thriller movie that premiered on March 30, 2023.

The Tubi TV thriller movie is about a woman named Colette who has recently been married to her husband Ethan. But she realized too late that her husband is a sadistic monster and is trying to control her completely. 

The movie has been directed by Sara Seligman and the screenplay has been written by Dana Verde. The movie has been produced by Alison Criscoe, Mattie Fellbaum, James Suttles, Jason Winn and Matthew R. Zboyovski.

The movie was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia. The movie is distributed by Tubi TV in the United States and MarVista Entertainment worldwide. 

Tubi has also released movies such as Suprise, You Are Not Alone, Savage Revenge, and No Way Out.

Safe Word Tubi Cast List

Safe Word Tubi cast includes Moriah Brown, Shaquita Smith, Gavin Houston and Kajuana S. Marie in lead roles. 

Moriah Brown As Colette

Moriah Brown plays the role of Colette who is recently married to her new husband Ethan. But she has no idea what he has hidden behind his charming mask to take control of her. 

Moriah Brown on Power Book II: Ghost movie premiere
Moriah Brown on Power Book II: Ghost movie premiere( Source : instagram )

Moriah comes from a family of half Mexican American and African American. She was born on February 28, 1991, in Oakland, Florida to her parents Carol Navarro and Troy Brown.

She completed her graduation from California State University in Entertainment Broadcasting in 2014. 

Brown started her career in acting in 2011 when she started her role in a mini-series called La Froideur De Lete.

After that, she worked on many movies and series such as Trunt, The Break In, Raising Dion, American King, Love is This and Power Book II: Ghost.

Shaquita Smith As Stephanie

Shaquita Smith plays the role of Stephanie. In the movie, Stephanie is the ex-girlfriend of Ethan. And she is trying to stop Ethan from hurting Colette.

Smith on the premiere of Zatima season 2.
Smith on the premiere of Zatima season 2.( Source : instagram )

Shaquita is an American actress who has worked as an actress since 2011. Smith was born in 1990 to her mother Ardella Smith and father Mavin Underwood in Birmingham, Alabama.

She completed her graduation from Troy University, where she studied Drama and Dramatics, Theatre Arts and General. 

She is best known for her role as Jordan in Wicked City. Aside from that, her movies and series credits include The Accuser, If Loving You Is Wrong, RePlay, Fatal Attraction, Atonement, Bag Man, Gravesend and Nobody's Angel. 

Gavin Houston As Ethan

Gavin Houston plays the role of Ethan in Safe Word. In the movie, he has entrapped Colette and is trying to control her life. But he is being interrupted by either his ex-girlfriend or Colette's best friend. 

Gavin on the red carpet for The Haves and the Have Nots.
Gavin on the red carpet for The Haves and the Have Nots.( Source : instagram )

Gavin Houston is an actor from New Jersey but was born in Brooklyn on December 10, 1977. The actor was born to Colette Houston and Llyod Houston.

He graduated from the University of Florida where he won the title of Mr. University of Florida. 

Houston started his career in 2002 in the Guiding Light series, where he played the role of Remy Boudreau.

Since then he has worked on movies and series such as Shameless, Grey's Anatomy, "Rosewell, New Mexico", The Haves and the Haves Nots and Dance For Me.

Kajuana S. Marie As Lainey

Kajuana S. Marie plays the role of Lainey in the movie. In the Safe Word movie, Lainey is the best friend of Colette and has known her for years.

When her friend decided to marry her new boyfriend, she was happy for her but now Lainey is getting worried for her. 

Kajuana is a working actress, a writer and a mother.
Kajuana is a working actress, a writer and a mother. ( Source : instagram )

The actress was born and raised by her mother in Harlem, New York as a single mother. Kajuana has two other siblings.

Looking at her interest in acting from a young age, her mother put her on free programs in her neighborhood such as Deaf Dance Jam Workshop, Nite Star and Mama I Want To Sing Foundation. She later graduated from Delaware State University. 

She is best known for her roles in Kingdom Business as Dani Williams. She has worked in movies and series such as Cosby, Funny Valentines, Working Out the Kinks, Date.Love.Repeat, Sauce and Christmas Party Crashers. 

Additional Movie Cast

  • Kelsi Lee as Fiona  
  • TJ Jackson as Daniel
  • David Dunston as Mask Party Executioner
  • Luisina Quarleri as Brenda
  • Monique Mosee as Ann
  • Ken Colquitt as Gustavo
  • Mica Racana as Polina

Safe Word Tubi Movie Plot Synopsis and Review

The psychological thriller movie Safe Word is about a newlywed couple Colette and Ethan. Colette has met Ethan just a few months ago but they are already madly in love with each other.

Colette is happy about the situation they are in. Since they are newly married, they are spending a lot of time with each other. During this time, he brings out a suggestion for a Kickstarter for new things in their relationship. 

But Colette has no idea that Ethan's Kickstarter idea is going to make her lose her life's control. Will she be able to know the truth behind her husband and escape from it or will she lose herself in Ethan's control?

Ethan is showing Colette leather flogger for their play.
Ethan is showing Colette leather flogger for their play.( Source : youtube )

Movie Review

This scandalous psychological thriller movie has a mix of Fifty Shades of Grey and Fatal Attraction.

Though the film has not been reviewed by many fans as the movie just premiered, the movie is getting good responses from fans who have watched the movie. 

Many fans have applauded Gavin Houston's work and acting in the movie and feel he has done excellent work.

Many fans are also excited about actress Moriah Brown for her acting as a lead actress in the movies.

One of the fans has also commented that the movie is oddly addictive.

Safe Word Trailer Breakdown

At the beginning of the trailer, we see Colette and Ethan holding hands together at a beautiful spot and staring at each other. Colette seems very excited and is coy about something Ethan has said. Ethan is down on his knees. 

Colette is in her office with her best friend talking good things about her boyfriend. She thinks that her now husband brings something out in her.

Inside their home, Ethan talks about kickstarting something. And Colette tells him to continue. 

The scene changes to Colette coming inside a BDSM club where various activities are happening. We see people with masks and bats, with chains hanging and tightened around people's hands.

Ethan is binding and tying rope around Colette.
Ethan is binding and tying rope around Colette.( Source : youtube )

The scene returns to their home where he asks if she trusted him. Ethan shows a padded handcuff to her. He then brings her inside a room. 

We then see Stephanie asking Ethan how he made Colette do it. Ethan responds with her not knowing his wife properly. Ethan is now sitting in front of his wife and speaking sternly.

He says that he sees these activities as their special bond time. And Colette telling her friend about it feels less intimate about it.

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