Who Is Safa Siddiqui's Husband Fahad Siddiqui? Dubai Bling Cast Age and Net Worth

Safa Siddiqui and her husband Fahad Siddiqui fell in love and tied the knot in October 2019
Safa Siddiqui and her husband Fahad Siddiqui fell in love and tied the knot in October 2019( Source : instagram )

Safa Siddiqui and her husband Fahad Siddiqui appear together to depict their prosperous life in Netflix's Dubai Bling. 

Fahad Siddiqui joins the Netflix series with his beloved wife and a bunch of elite and really rich friends.

Netflix has brought us another glam series that provides an inside look into rich and affluent lifestyles while also humanizing them and providing them somewhat of a layer.

The drama that develops between the buddies also makes for an exciting watch, even if it records their daily activities and professional issues.

Safa's husband Fahad appears quite regularly on the show and is even considered somewhat of a series regular. He has a fortune of himself and kind of a complicated life with his better half right now. 

But who exactly is this mystery man and how rich is he exactly?

Quick Facts About Safa Siddiqui

NameSafa Siddiqui
Age32 years
BirthdayAugust 7, 1990
Zodiac SignLeo
HusbandFahad Siddiqui
Net Worth$1.28 million

1. Safa Siddiqui's Husband Fahad Siddiqui Has An Indian Origin

Even though Iranian-born Safa Siddiqui was raised in London, England, her husband, Fahad Siddiqui comes from an Indian family.

Fahad Siddiqui is a businessman who moved to Dubai from Maharastra, India. Fahad met Safa in Dubai, which is where they began their relationship.

At the time that Fahad met Safa, she had already been engaged a couple of times but did not end up getting married.

Safa posted a picture with her husband and daughter on Instagram to celebrate the success of the show in India
Safa posted a picture with her husband and daughter on Instagram to celebrate the success of the show in India( Source : instagram )

Fahad began his professional career as a business personnel from his family's business, Siddiqui Group of Companies. He worked with the family till 2010 and later moved to Orbit Corporation Limited. Beginning in 2012, he made the move to Dubai to join the Indo Rise General Trading LLC.

As of Safa, she entered the real estate industry after finishing her education and quickly became a well-known figure within the industry.

The reality television star started promoting a variety of businesses and products on social media, where she has developed a sizable fan base very quickly.

2. Fahad Siddiqui and His Wife Don't Have A Huge Age Gap

Safa Siddiqui, who is currently 32 years old, was born in London, England, on August 7, 1990. 

Fahad Siddiqui, in turn, should be in his late thirties. We make this assumption based on the year he graduated from school. He passed his CBSE exams in India in 2001, providing a certain insight into his age.

This stunning Arab woman rose to fame in 2022 after appearing in the Netflix reality series "Dubai Bling."

Safa Siddiqui's is also a Instagram star
Safa Siddiqui's is also a Instagram star( Source : instagram )

According to sources, the woman is of Iraqi descent; her parents immigrated to England in the 1980s, and the Siddiqui family has been residing there ever since.

Fahad, in turn, is from India as her wife dubs him, "my Indian king". Most of his family still resides in India while he has made a smaller family for himself in Dubai.

Fahad finished his education in India and has a postgraduation degree in Marketing/Marketing Management from Mumbai Educational Trust, MET League of Colleges.

3. Safa Siddiqui And Fahad Are A Married Couple

Safa Siddiqui and husband Fahad Siddiqui have different outlooks toward life.

Their acquaintances believed that they had a very functional and coordinated marriage, but the former revealed that they are complete opposites.

The pair encountered numerous disagreements while on the show, despite their intense love for one another. It all began when Safa insisted on a larger home and wardrobe, which irritated Fahad because he did not want to give up their current place.

The two eventually got into a heated disagreement over the latter's desire to have a second kid, which his wife vehemently opposed. 

They had a tough beginning to the show and subsequently experienced numerous tense situations, including family planning, their careers, and dispute in the circle that spilled over into their relationship.

4. Safa Siddiqui's Pregnancy Was Challenging

Safa claimed that she had a challenging pregnancy with Alina and was still suffering from the trauma she had experienced; however, she was unable to persuade Fahad to share her perspective.

Additionally, her conflict over growing the family was a key plot aspect in the show's first season because she disliked seeing Fahad dejected.

Safa chose surrogacy as a compromise, but her abrupt revelation of the decision did not sit well with him or their friends. Fahad wanted to be more involved in such planning because he felt somewhat ambushed by his wife's unexpected choice.

Safa Siddiqui and Fahad are highly supportive of one another
Safa Siddiqui and Fahad are highly supportive of one another( Source : thecinemaholic )

Nevertheless, after explaining her predicament to him and asking that they put off thinking about having another child for a few years, the couple understood.

Not only that, but when she mentioned her desire to start a fashion line, Fahad gave her his unwavering support. Peace was restored between the two after he also promised to look into other houses as potential new homes.

5. Fahad And Safa Siddiqui Are Still Together

Safa Siddiqui and Fahad are still together and doing well. In fact, the latter made her pregnancy known in the season finale, and the pair are looking forward to welcoming their second child.

Additionally, they still live in their original Palm Jumeirah home and are committed to carrying out the restoration plan they detailed on the show.

In terms of his job, Fahad serves as the Executive Director of his family's business in Mumbai, India, as well as the Managing Director of his company, Indo Rise General Trading LLC.

Safa frequently updates her Instagram followers on her everyday activities as she is working hard to advance her career as a lifestyle and fashion influencer. She is probably still working on her clothing line and plans to unveil it shortly, aside from that.

6. Fahad Siddiqui’s Net Worth Is $4 Million

Fahad Siddiqui's net worth has been estimated at $4 million.

His wife, Safa Siddiqui has a net worth of $1.28 million. 

Safa Siddiqui leads a lavish lifestyle
Safa Siddiqui leads a lavish lifestyle( Source : instagram )

Fahad has collected most of his net worth from his professional life. Besides, the estimation of his net worth is further backed by family business which he will possibly inherit from his family. 

As we look at the path Fahad has taken to get where he is, it is obvious that he has put in the hard work to reach where he is today.

Something similar can also be said about his wife. In her mid-20s, after making up her mind, she quit her corporate job and concentrated on growing her social media presence. She traveled to Dubai in the interim and met the love of her life.

Safa's partner helped her through her low points. The British-Iraqi woman eventually gathered a sizable following and began getting requests from clothing companies to endorse their goods.

Some FAQs

What is Safa Siddiqui's net worth?

Safa Siddiqui's net worth is $1.28 million.

Who is Safa Siddiqui's husband?

Safa Siddiqui's husband Fahad Siddiqui is a businessman.

What is Safa Siddiqui's age?

Safa Siddiqui from Dubai Bling is 32 years old.

How many children does Safa Siddiqui have?

Safa Siddiqui has a daughter named Alina.

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