Sabrina Soto And Sister Natasha Are Only A Year Apart In Age

Sabrina Soto is 46 years old.
Sabrina Soto is 46 years old.( Source : sabrinasoto )

Sabrina Soto is best friends with her sister Natasha Soto, and they only have an age difference of 19 months. 

She is a well-known interior designer, consultant, and businesswoman and is the well-liked host of The High/Low Project and a featured designer on HGTV.

Sabrina, the first member of her Cuban family to be born in the country, learned the basics of interior design from her mother, who owned a decorating and home staging company. As a result, Sabrina fell in love with design and is now renowned for her eclectic style of fusing pricey and upscale items to create a distinctive home aesthetic.

Later, Sabrina entered the television industry as a host for cable network shows and a Web-based series on Yahoo! where she conducted interviews with prominent musicians and celebrities.


Sabrina Soto And Her Sister Natasha Are Just A Year Apart

Sabrina Soto moved home to California to start a family, and a family business, investing in homes with her big sister Natasha and her cousin Rosie. The age gap Sabrina and Natasha have is 19 months. 

In 2015, Sabrina posted a picture with her dearest sister Natasha on the occasion of National Siblings Day. The two are holding each other tight, and the caption says, "Happy #NationalSiblingsDay to my best friend!" She has also tagged her in the post, which leads to the official Insta page of the older one, which is private. However, her bio says a lot about who she is and her contribution to her family as a woman with expertise in many fields. 

Sabrina and her sister Natasha
Sabrina and her sister Natasha ( Source : instagram )

Natasha has redirected another Instagram profile that showed her cooking skills. All thanks to her chef husband. It is under the handle @4kids1kitchen, where she cooks tasty food for her four beautiful children and shares her family time. 

Further, her bio also directs us to her online store, which is JB Prince, where she provides her customers with the world's finest chef tools and equipment. 

Natasha's food profile's last post is a picture of her morning meal, and the caption says, "Breakfast: Scandinavian fiber cracker, goat cheese smear, smoked salmon, sliced hard-boiled egg, chili flaked avocado ... packed with protein and fiber .. bring on the weekend:" Similarly, the comments approve of the dish and say that it's yum. 

Sabrina Soto And Her Relationships

The 43-year-old most recently had a romantic relationship with LeAnn Rimes's ex-husband and chef, Dean Sheremet. When they started uploading their pictures together in July 2021, Sabrina and Dean first admitted to dating. People claimed that the two were engaged in December 2021.

On July 6, 2022, Sabrina announced to her followers via Instagram that she and Dean had broken up. She posted a picture of herself wearing a brown beach suit and sunglasses with the caption, "Some of you have noticed that I haven't been wearing my ring.

She continued, "I chose to call off the engagement, and I've never been more proud of myself." "I'm sending my love to everybody going through a transformation in their lives. You can do this."

Sabrina and Dean
Sabrina and Dean ( Source : today )

The reality television actress herself revealed in a recent Instagram post that the couple is no longer together.

Sabrina was committed to her husband-like partner, Steve Grevemberg. The couple had long been experiencing a passionate relationship for quite a long time in the past. She shared an Instagram photo of herself and Steve on his birthday in August 2017, along with the caption, "I still love sitting with him and speaking about life after so many years together."

On November 2, 2015, the couple gave birth to a girl they named Olivia Gray. The adorable kid is now two years old, and Sabrina frequently posts pictures of her on Instagram. She is a mother to Harper, her Labradoodle puppy.

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