Who Is Ryan Paevey Married To? Model Relationship Timeline Discussed

Ryan Paevey as Dylan on Coyote Creek Christmas
Ryan Paevey as Dylan on Coyote Creek Christmas( Source : hallmarkchannel )

Is Ryan Paevey married? The rumors regarding the actor's love life have resurfaced on the internet.

Ryan Paevey is an American model and actor mainly recognized for his role as Nathan West.

He played the character of West in the ABC's General Hospital, and the viewers loved how Ryan excelled in his screen time.

With over a decade-long career in the acting industry, he has also played in other great projects such as Marrying Mr. DarcyA Timeless Christmas, and so on.

As a man with massive fame and good looks, alongside a successful career, thousands of people follow the actor regularly.

His fanbase consists of many females, and whether the model has a girlfriend or a wife is always the question among his fans.

It is not the first time that the rumors regarding the actor's love life have come into the public, and now many think that Paevey is married.

Is Ryan Paevey Married? Rumors About His Wife 

Ryan Paevey doesn't have a wife as he is not yet married.

The actor is yet to find a life partner who can support him as a person, and the 37-year-old is often asked questions regarding his marriage.

Even in his interviews or some public talks, people ask him about his relationship status and details about his plans to get married.


Even in recent times, rumors regarding his sexuality and love life have often emerged on the media platforms.

However, Ryan has managed to fade off those talks and has solely focused on his career.

He is yet to find his special one and tie the knot for the long term.

Thus, Paevey is not married and doesn't have a spouse.

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Who Is Ryan Paevey Girlfriend? His Relationship Timeline 

Ryan Paevey doesn't have a girlfriend, and the actor is considered single at the time.

Although the actor has not been in an official relationship with anyone known to this date, the rumors connecting him with co-stars have emerged throughout the years.

The most popular one is the talks about Ryan being together with Jessa Hinton.

They shared some tweets back and forth at one time, which created a stir among the people.

However, Jessa later dated Sam Asghari, which ended the long-time talks.


After that, the American actor was rumored to be with his co-star, Kristen Storms.

But Storms later got together and tied the knot with Brandon Barash, ending the hoaxes.

A few years back, Paevey also spoke about being a workaholic and staying single.

From these details, it seems like the actor doesn't have a girlfriend unless he has kept the subject matter completely hidden from the public eye.

Meet Ryan Paevey On Instagram

You can find Ryan Paevey on Instagram under the handle @ryanpaevey.

He has a verified account with more than 282k followers at the time of writing.

The actor also seems pretty active on the media platform and has already made more than 1760 posts.

Ryan usually shares photos of his personal life moments and also likes to share photos and some information on various types of rings.

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