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Have you ever thought about the life of the celebrity? Their lifestyle is so amazing, they have all the money in the world and are very respected and known to the people. While watching a movie or a show on television, some of us think and comment within ourselves saying their work is so easy and they earn a lot from doing just that.

But, my friends that’s not true at all. They also have to work very hard. And sometimes they also have to do things of the next level for their work. I am saying all these entire things because this article is about an actor who gained 45 pounds for justifying his role of King George in the series named ‘Queen of the South’. His name is Ryan O’Nan. The details about him are as:

Ryan O’Nan Age (40 years)

Ryan O’Nan, born in the year 1979 is 40 years old as of 2019. He has not revealed his birthday. His birth sign is Capricorn.

However, we know one interesting fact about his birthday which is he and his father shares the same birthday. Isn’t it awesome?

Ryan O’Nan Wiki


Wiki reports, Ryan O’Nan is an actor, writer, and producer by profession. He also directed the film ‘Queen of the South’ and also co-produces the third season.

Ryan is all over the media because of his dedication to his acting career. He gained 45 pounds to justify his role as King George.

He is best known for his works on Brooklyn Brothers Beat the Best (2011), Donovam (2013) and Frago (2014).

Ryan O’Nan Wife: Is Ryan Married?

The information about Ryan O’Nan wife is not available.

According to sources, Ryan O’Nan is a married person. But, he has maintained a very low profile so it is very hard to confirm his marriage.

Ryan O’Nan Height

The exact height of Ryan O’Nan is not available yet. However, seeing him in movies and his series, he seems to have an impressive height and very well maintained body. But, nowadays he has gained weight for his work.

Ryan O’Nan’s Family

Ryan O’Nan has not shared any sorts of personal information on social media. So the detail about his family is also not available.

However, from the internet, we came to know that he loves his mother very much. And in the year 2018, he took his mother for 10 days trips to different places. He has also shared the pictures on his Instagram page and it looks very beautiful.

Ryan O’Nan’s Girlfriend

Ryan O’Nan has a very secret life because he has not shared any girlfriend information in the media. So, it is very hard to say about his relationships.

Ryan O’Nan Net Worth ($2 million)

Ryan O’Nan has an estimated net worth of about $2 million dollars. However, this figure is just estimated one considering his years of career and savings.

But seeing his involvement in different works, he might have worth more than two million.